Common ailments of high blood pressure – does it make sense to get medicines from abroad?

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Too high blood pressure is one of the most common widespread diseases in Germany. The diagnosis runs across the population. Statistically speaking, however, the risk increases with age – men are also slightly more likely to suffer from high blood pressure than women. Obesity and unhealthy diets as well as several other factors favor that abnormal rise in blood pressure True, a genetic predisposition can also lead to disease. This can especially be the case if several people in one ancestral line are infected with it or if none of the “typical triggers” apply.

No matter why the blood pressure is elevated, symptoms should be treated. This takes place via antihypertensive drugs called ACE inhibitors. In addition to therapy, those affected should strive for a positive lifestyle: more exercise and a healthier diet. Many people live permanently with high blood pressure and therefore have to take medication every day – sometimes even two or three different preparations for lowering blood pressure and for dehydration. The deductible can result in costs that add up over the years. More and more people are therefore relying on a convenient delivery service for original blood pressure lowerers.

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This is how high blood pressure develops

When diagnosing hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure, a distinction must be made between a primary and a secondary diagnosis. If the disease occurs as a result of another diagnosis, it is known as secondary hypertension. In this case, the increased blood pressure occurs as a result of kidney diseases, vascular diseases or hormonal disorders. Also diabetes or lipid metabolic disorders can be identified as a trigger for the hypertension.

In primary high blood pressure – also known as essential hypertension – the affected person usually has a genetic predisposition and one or more of the following factors:

  • Obesity, that is, overweight
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Too much salt intake
  • Overload from negative stress
  • Nicotine consumption
  • Side effects of certain drugs

If you have high blood pressure, there is excessive pressure in the blood vessels. If the heart pumps fresh blood through the vessels, it perceives this pressure as a resistance and therefore has to pump harder in order to send the oxygen-rich blood on its way through the body. The heart is exposed to permanent overload, which can lead to serious damage undetected – particularly common: heart attacks and strokes. The vessel walls that are not designed for the high blood pressure also suffer. Under this influence, your surface offers the best conditions for limescale and fat deposits. These deposits can even increase the resistance in the arteries, making the heart work harder.

For these reasons, it is important to regulate blood pressure. Only taking medication can relieve the pressure on blood vessels and the heart. Germans do not have to purchase these drugs at high prices in Germany, because the convenient ordering service for German drugs from England is usually worthwhile.

This is how the diagnosis of hypertension is made

The person concerned often does not even notice slight or incipient high blood pressure. Even in the early stages, mild symptoms can occur, but these are not always considered serious and therefore not recognized. In such cases, the doctor often makes an incidental finding as part of a routine examination.

In order to recognize a blood pressure disorder as quickly as possible, it is important to know typical symptoms. If these occur suddenly, perhaps even several of them, you should definitely not shy away from going to the doctor. The most common symptoms of high blood pressure include:

  • Increased palpitations, even when you are resting or during light exercise
  • Feeling of physical strain or even shortness of breath
  • Fatigue and poor concentration
  • Nausea, dizziness and blurred vision
  • Frequent nosebleeds

This is how hypertension treatment works

Anyone who experiences these symptoms should urgently make an appointment with their family doctor. This will then usually order a long-term measurement or regular measurements with a private blood pressure monitor. After logging and analyzing the blood pressure values, the doctor will then prescribe a blood pressure medication. In some cases, a combination of different drugs is even necessary. The following drugs are particularly recognized in Germany:

Common blood pressure medication in Germany

The ACE inhibitors lisinopril and ramipril have achieved good results. The doctor often also recommends the administration of a calcium channel blocker called amlodipine or the use of a diuretic for drainage.

Those who have to take these medications every day need regular supplies. Due to the corona pandemic, however, more and more people want to forego going to the local pharmacy. Often the blood pressure medication is then not in stock and has to be reordered, which requires a second visit to the pharmacy or an expensive delivery. Many doctors now issue prescriptions for antihypertensive drugs for patients who have already been diagnosed on the phone and make it available by post – this saves the person concerned extra ways and fewer people meet in the doctor’s office. This development is therefore entirely in the sense of infection protection.

In order to save even more effort, you can Affected have been ordering their medication online for some time now. Generics from Holland have always been very popular, but England is now also emerging as a very good market for drugs. The prices are largely below the Germans, but patients can still find original German medicines in English mail order pharmacies.

You also need a valid prescription to order from an online pharmacy in England or Holland. As soon as this has been sent in or uploaded, the pharmacy starts shipping. The processing is considered uncomplicated and fast. Those affected save themselves so much time and can also browse other areas: You can find drugs for erectile dysfunction, contraception, asthma and much more there as well.

Lifestyle in hypertension

As well as the medication may help, high blood pressure patients should always work to improve their health and minimize the factors that make the disease worse. The diet for high blood pressure should therefore be balanced and healthy. In order to achieve this, you should largely avoid fats, sugar, too much salt or white flour. At the same time, you should exercise more – swimming or is recommended for overweight patients Walking . But cycling and jogging are also very popular. Of course, those affected should largely refrain from smoking and alcohol. With the right medication and a healthy lifestyle, you can usually get a grip on this widespread disease quickly and well.


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