New Year’s resolutions: guaranteed to implement good resolutions – 8 techniques

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Do you remember your 2020 resolutions? Or 2019? Your new you – not smoking, thin, disciplined and well-read? Don’t worry: 92 percent of Germans suffer from this well-intentioned dementia. But you can do something! – in this article you will learn eight techniques so that you can actually implement your resolutions for 2021.

Why Do New Years Resolutions Fail?

From January 2nd it will be witching hour in the gym:

For two weeks, pale figures float through the devices, sweating, moaning and cursing their lives. They come every day; But after 2 weeks the spook ends: They climb back into the sofa-grave from which they crawled.

First next January you see them again.

Why is that?

Not only do the rockets go up on New Year’s Eve, but above all the expectations of yourself:

  • Next year the beer belly will be drained until a washboard remains.
  • Honey look This is my last cigarette!

But break, according to Statista 80 percent of Germans make their New Year’s resolutions – and the other 20 percent probably fool more than Munchausen.

So why do our good intentions fail?

  1. you are vague and non-binding: I want to do sports more often
  2. The resolutions are what everyone does – not what you want.
  3. You formulate your resolutions negatively: I want to spend less time in the office.
  4. Motivation is your only lifebuoy that keeps you afloat – if you feel reluctant, you sink into it immediately (you don’t have a system of good habits).
  5. We want too many things implement at once

And what do the 10,000 members of our weight loss group say? – What are your resolutions for 2021?

Three pieces keep appearing:

  1. Do more sport – preferably every day
  2. Eat small portions and adhere to the calorie limit
  3. Keep weight and lose it best

That is also pretty vague, but not a broken leg:

Because now you find out eight tactics to make your Also keep the resolutions for 2021 and don’t end up like the restless souls that haunt the gym every January.

Finally implement New Year’s resolutions: eight tactics to keep good resolutions sticking like eagle owl patafix

Incorporate New Year’s resolutions into your personality

Can you tell the difference between the following two sentences?

  1. No thanks, I don’t want a cigarette: I try to stop
  2. No thanks, I don’t want a cigarette: I dont smoke.

The first sentence clearly says: I am smoker , but wants to stop – however the second: I do not smoke , even if the person may have only stopped two days.

Nevertheless, she understood how our personality guides our actions: We cannot act against ourselves.

Do we believe we are we act accordingly – a smoker smokes, a vegetarian pushes the steak away from him.

You can take advantage of this to implement your good intentions.

And how?

You act like the person that they want to be – both with what you say and with what you do.

When you stand in front of an elevator, ask yourself: what would an athletic person do?

I agree: She takes the stairs.

If you are offered a cigarette, ask yourself: what would a non-smoker do?

I agree: resolutely refuse.

Of course you can NOT overnight slip into a new personality as if it were pajamas.

But you set a cycle in motion, lubricate it and drive it forward: bit by bit become the healthy person as often as you choose them.

And comes with the sane person automatically a healthy body fat percentage.

toast for the new year

Make resolutions as simple as possible – the 2 minute rule

Many set themselves the marathon run as a New Year’s resolution, but skip tying your shoes ; they want too much change, too fast.

But the motivation evaporates like a red light district: After two weeks, the resolutions for 2021 are stowed away in the closet again.

What is missing, is the habit – and how do you build it up?

By doing them as simple as possible do:

You don’t start jogging for 30 minutes, 15, not 5; You start with 2!

Anyone can tie their shoes and walk back and forth down the street.

It’s almost ridiculously easy; And that is the point: Implementation should be easy so that the routine gets stuck.

Because what do you say to yourself when you don’t feel like it?

30 minutes of jogging? Forget it! But 2 minutes? – That’s fine.

Of course, you can run for more than two minutes – I’m sure you will.

But these two minutes have to be right ; you fall back on them when the reluctance spreads wider than an extended family on the subway.

Find friends, family and colleagues as allies – and sign a contract

New Year’s resolutions are best made together – AND draws up a contract:

I make a commitment to my husband not to eat more than 1,800 calories a day. If I break the contract, I’ll pay him € 20.

What is the goal for such contracted New Year’s resolutions?

  1. It must be more painful break the contract than to comply with it – maybe you have to clean the house for a month or make coffee in the office as a punishment?
  2. They bow to social pressure: If everyone thinks we’re going to quit smoking, don’t let them down – they might think you’re weak, flighty, and fickle.

This is why the signed contract is so important: He’s making it official.

And isn’t sweating, losing weight and building habits much more pleasant in company?

good friends

Design your environment to implement good intentions

If you pass your old tobacco shop every day, what are your chances of finally ditching the glowing sticks?

Almost zero: every time the nicotine hunger pulsates in your veins, holds them tight and drags you into the store – “I only go say hello once”.

And the hello quickly becomes: “Do you have a fire?”

That’s why losing weight doesn’t start in the kitchen but in the supermarket ; not jogging in the forest, but in front of the closet.

In short: in order to keep good resolutions, you need to redesign your environment for success.

Do you want to cook healthy for two in the evening? – Then:

  • Buy the groceries already for the whole week .
  • Place them all utensils in the morning ready to hand.

It must be easier Keeping New Year’s resolutions (cooking together), than break them (call delivery hero).

Have an if-then to tackle the pitfalls of everyday life

Four o’clock – it’s finally over! Quickly home, put on your training gear and we’ll cook tonight:

Mmmm, yummy salmon with zucchini noodles – a perfect one Keto -Dish.

But what is it? Johanna wrote to me? I haven’t seen them in ages! Hmmm, she’d like to meet me; maybe go out to eat.

Oh damn, that messes up all my planning!

Everyday life often throws a spanner in the works than a paid bill: Everything is going perfectly, but then comes the friend, the appointment, the job.

However, don’t be like the people who are surprised when the washing machine breaks down – and there is no money.

Be prepared; ALWAYS something can happen.

That’s why you need a plan with a simple formula: If that happens, I’ll do it.

  1. Someone invites you to eat: Then you just drink water and eat either fish, salad or chicken – no dessert and no starter.
  2. You have to work longer and no longer manage to cook: You either have either frozen a pre-cooked meal; or you order from a reasonably healthy delivery service.
  3. An appointment thwarted your training plan: Then run to a date or do at least a 5-minute workout before bed.

Your life is not perfect, and neither is the implementation of your good resolutions – therefore make sure you have a plan B ready so that you at least do something.


Set goals SMARTER

“The guardian has to keep personal contact with the ward. As a rule, he should visit the ward once a month in its usual environment, unless in individual cases shorter or longer visits or another location is necessary. “ – § 1793 1a, BGB

This has nothing to do with New Year’s resolutions, but it is: concrete!

Very different from most resolutions for 2021 – I want to lose weight, do more for my health, balance my work-life balance.

This is spongier than the underside of a boletus.

If you really want to implement your goals, you have to formulate them more specifically, with the SMARTER formula.

This is how a perfect goal is built that you also adhere to:

  • S for specific (specific): I’ll lose seven pounds by August 1st.
  • M for measurable: I weigh myself every morning.
  • A for actionable (executable): I jog three times a week, change my diet and start with Intermittent fasting
  • R for relatable (suitable for you): I already lost ten kilos last year – the rest has to go this year
  • T for time bound: I will reach my goal by August 1st.
  • E for evaluate: I write down my weight every morning and check every Sunday every two weeks to see if I’m still on track or need to change my training.
  • R for reward: For every pound lost, I treat myself to a massage.

Don’t forget to reward and say goodbye to stress

Why are happy endings so satisfying?

You reward the main character for all of them endured hardships – Murderers she had to escape from, mishaps she overcame, misunderstandings she cleared up.

After all, she deserves it!

That’s why we hate films that withhold a happy ending: just read the shattering reviews of “Remember Me” starring Robert Pattinson.

All the main character’s hassle for nothing!

Now that you understand your brain when you are doing your New Year’s resolutions, you are Not reward.

It closes and doesn’t want to anymore ; no motivation twitches your bum to get off the sofa.

Therefore you always have to add firewood to your motivation, namely with rewards and fun.

You swim three times a week and then straight to the sauna.

Of course, your rewards must NOT thwart your achievements – a donut is not a suitable thank you for 1.5 hours in the gym.

So find a reward that suits you and your resolutions for 2021 ; and the successes won’t let you down.

reward through yoga

Measure your New Year’s resolutions

Brad Isaac was a young comedian – motivated but unsuccessful.

One night he happened upon comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld and he couldn’t resist; he had to ask:

“Do you have any tips for young comedians?”

“Yes, every day you put a red cross on your calendar as soon as you write jokes – every day really!

Your task is now: Don’t let the chain of red crosses break off! “

How does this help you with your New Years resolutions?

Very easily: Do not let the chain break off!

Every day you stick to your calories, make a cross on the calendar – and that will be your motivation:

You want to see the chain grow and after three weeks you would do anything so as not to let the chain break.

This chain will be your crutch for the first few weeks, until you walk all by yourself.

If the chain is long enough, the resolutions for 2021 are no longer good resolutions, but part of your DNA – another chain that won’t break!

What are your New Years resolutions for 2021? Write it in the comments 🙂

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