Probiotic 12 Capsules by LR

Eine Illustration des Verdauungssystems einer Person, die die Vorteile von Probiotikum 12 hervorhebt.

Probiotic 12 are preparations that contain over a billion beneficial bioactive bacteria. The 12 microencapsulated bacterial strains restore the intestinal balance and support well-being. A balanced natural colonization of the intestines contributes significantly to the general well-being.

Probiotic 12 capsules Usage & Tips

For an intact intestinal flora

If the bacterial composition is permanently disturbed, this can have negative effects such as diarrhea or flatulence. Probiotic supplies the body with living bacteria and thus displaces harmful bacteria. Thanks to good probiotic bacteria, the intestine can carry out its digestive function as usual. The unique combination of bacteria is protected from the intense gastric acid by a microencapsulation. The survival of the bacteria is crucial for the effectiveness of the product. The capsules also contain a prebiotic that provides the microorganisms with sufficient nutrients and acts as a starting aid. This allows the product to develop its full potential.

A prebiotic to boost the bacterial cultures


Thanks to the lactose-free and gluten-free capsule shell, Probiotic 12 capsules can even be taken if there is already a lactose or gluten intolerance. These intolerances in particular are often due to a non-intact intestinal flora and in these cases the intake of probiotic bacteria can support the development of an intact intestinal flora and significantly reduce the cause and, of course, the effects of the intolerance.

Probiotic12 provides your intestine with probiotic bacteria

With a surface area of approx. 300 square metres, the intestine is the largest organ in our body, which is why it also contributes greatly to human well-being. However, if the so-called intestinal flora, which is responsible for the natural occurrence of bacteria in the intestine, is not “in good condition”, the entire well-being suffers. Normally, the human intestinal wall is colonised by probiotic bacteria – the good bacteria – and a number of other bacteria. As long as the proportions of these bacteria are in a healthy, natural balance, the intestine performs its function of digestion in the usual way. The natural balance of these bacteria has a major impact on wellbeing.

Probiotic12 contains 1 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule from 12 different bacterial strains. This combination is unique. Probiotic12 capsules protect the bacteria optimally through the patented microencapsulation during the passage through the stomach where they would otherwise be attacked by the aggressive stomach acid. Thanks to this patented protection, the probiotic bacteria get exactly where they should – namely directly into the intestine where they can develop their full effect.

In addition, the Probiotic12 capsules contain a so-called “supporting prebiotic”, which directly supplies the Probiotic12 bacteria with all the necessary nutrients until they can settle on the intestinal wall and take up their activity.

Application of Probiotic 12

probiotic pack of 3

The Pro 12 capsule is taken once a day with liquid. Ideally, it should be taken up to 30 minutes before a meal or immediately before. The use of Probiotic 12 is most effective when taken with protein and fat-reduced meals. Too many fats and proteins promote the unwanted production of a lot of stomach acid and too many digestive enzymes. Breakfast is therefore the best time to take it. The bacteria pass through the stomach faster and have less contact with the stomach acid. In this way, enough probiotic bacteria can arrive intact in the intestine. If you’ve never used probiotics before, start with a smaller amount. The dose can then be increased over time to the manufacturer’s recommended amount. With this slow increase, you can also test which amount your body can best tolerate. Slowly approach the product and make your experience with the bioactive bacteria. However, the specified daily amount should not be exceeded. For optimal use, Probiotic 12 should be tightly closed and stored in a dry place at room temperature.

Application Possibilities

Probiotic 12 capsules are used when the intestinal flora is out of balance. This can have many different causes. Bad diet, lack of sleep, chronic stress or vitamin deficiency are just a few of them. For long-lasting freedom from symptoms, the cause in particular must be treated, if it is identifiable. You can use probiotics to give the intestinal flora the necessary impetus for recovery. After or during antibiotic therapy, useful bacterial strains are permanently damaged. Side effects can often be diarrhoea or nausea. Probiotics support the cleansing of the intestinal flora. In this way the balance can be restored and harmful bacteria can be suppressed. Probotic 12 can be used briefly for prevention. The preparation can help when changing or neglecting your diet. Probiotics are used for infections, recurrent diarrhoea or flatulence.

Experience with Probiotic 12

Probiotic 12 is recommended to everyone who wants to improve their intestinal problems. There are many products where there is hardly any improvement. Due to the unique encapsulation of the bacteria, the effect is much more promising. The product is especially recommended after taking antibiotics. Experience shows that the capsules are able to positively change well-being. The experience with probiotic naturally also depends on how your own body reacts to it. Diet and lifestyle also play a crucial role. Therefore, it may well work faster for some. An optimal effect also depends on the dose. Depending on which amount is best for the body. In this case, a certain experience with the product is again an advantage. As a result, it can be said that you have to make your own experience with probiotic. However, if you have digestive problems and your whole digestive system is disturbed, Probiotic 12 is an optimal choice.