Why order increases our well-being

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That feeling of looking around your apartment, your house and everything is where it belongs. The floor is lint-free, nothing is scattered, the sun shines through the window - everything works untouched and pure. Suddenly our heart is filled with happiness. But what is it that makes order to us? Why do we feel calm, relaxed, and exuberant when our surroundings are tidy and clean?

Order - and mess! – has a direct impact on our mental health for most of us, even if we are not necessarily aware of it right away. It can trigger everything from restlessness and stress to full-blown Depression and, according to a study by the American National Center for Biotechnology, even increase the level of the stress hormone cortisol.

Our brain – the perfect control center

Reason is that our Brain associates clutter with incompleteness - something he doesn't like at all. The feeling of open and unfinished tasks is one of the most reliable stress triggers and holds a place in our attention until completion. This, in turn, means we find it harder to focus on other things, and other tasks we set out to do take longer and cost us more energy. This seems to be particularly serious for those of us who already have bigger problems and concerns in our lives.

In contrast, cleaning up our environment allows us to do so control over our living environment. Completing repetitive tasks calms our minds and completing them fills us with a sense of satisfaction—the incomplete activities that used to be so distracting are gone. Our heads are free for the things we want them to be free for.

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A home looks tidier and cleaner the fewer possessions we have and the more organized are the things we want to continue owning. Closed chests of drawers and shelves create a more minimalistic feel to the room – less is more – and open spaces should only have what has a place there. Even cables that run through the rooms can elegantly hidden using cable covers and thus keep the floor tidy and clear. Clean, fresh bedding and a made bed (whereby even an unmade one is healthy!) also ensure better sleep.

Order is half of life?

And while it all sounds so logical and beautiful, for many of us, keeping up with household clutter is still a major struggle and almost an impossibility. Everyone wants a clean and tidy home, but decluttering and cleaning itself can often seem overwhelming. For a healthy routine, it is important to start small. Seeing the big picture is intimidating, and picking a small area (preferably the one where you spend a lot of time) and focusing on it is a quick way to achieve success. Setting a time limit for yourself can also help. Five, ten or twenty minutes at the beginning is perfect. And as soon as the time is up, the cleanup is done too. And as Result rejoices the mind and body about work done, tasks completed and a little more happiness at home.

That order is half the life is a statement that our grandparents already made. And it is precisely such statements that can put us under pressure or encourage us. Ultimately, everyone decides for themselves, and the same applies here that no one should decide from the outside. Of course, times have changed, it was a long way from grandmother's room to the modern two-room apartment. Personal Claims and the modern working world cannot always be reconciled with some acts of tidying up.

When does love of order become pathological?

It's always so nice and clean here, as sterile as in a showroom in a furniture store. This isn't really a compliment and is more indicative of a serious issue and an obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Ultimately, it's about control and perfectionism, which are stumbling blocks in the way of every process. The option to finish everything perfectly hinders and in the end no project will ever finish acceptably. You should react in advance at the first signs and professional appointments with a therapist be agreed. Years of searching for perfect cleanliness can cost a lot of time and nerves.

The causes are usually deep-seated and must always be viewed individually. But there are patterns that repeat themselves. For example, someone who wipes the sink or the entrance area several times a day is no longer a normal hygiene requirement. The compulsion to vacate and clean up is a pressing force and influences daily life. The only way out of this is through professional help.

Order is simply good – that’s what the order coach says

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And that's what it's all about. One touch and we have what you are looking for. Keeping order means escaping chaos, that's a fact. It starts with the mucking out, old ballast is disposed of. This frees not only the apartment, but also our soul. This view is also shared, for example a tidiness coach. The pros give tips and clean up properly. But the decisive factor in the end is the recognition of the new system of order. And from there every move is spot on.

And there are surveys, investigations and studies that show that people who keep things tidy are happier. And another finding emerged. People who keep order are physically and mentally fit as Mr. & Mrs. Messy. If that's not an incentive? And if the overall health values ​​are also convincing? And all this just by a little space? It has now been scientifically proven that order is already half the life.

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