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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend: What can the new miracle capsules do?

Healthy eating is more important than ever. In our hectic world, however, more and more people are not finding it so easy to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Fast food and quickly prepared ready meals are therefore part of everyday life for many people. However, our body needs a balanced

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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Smoothie bowl a healthy and tasty alternative

For many years, smoothies have become increasingly popular. Now there is a new trend. The smoothie bowl is not only healthy and delicious, but also looks very appetizing. The preparation is very simple.

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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

3 harmful cosmetic myths

The cosmetics industry is one of the highest earning in the world. In order to secure sales, many manufacturers use marketing strategies in which they attribute abilities to their ingredients that are inaccurate or heavily embellished. Some active ingredients are advertised as positive, although they can even damage the skin. Here we look at three popular ingredients to be critical of.

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Lose weight with aloe vera - the juice is a real all-rounder

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular medicinal plants worldwide. In addition to its calming effect on the skin, it also has a lasting positive effect on the immune system and can even help with weight loss. It is used externally for rashes, burns or sunburn. But it is also convincing when used internally

Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

The blood sugar formula – get your sugar levels under control.

Probably the biggest problem when losing weight is the sugar level, which is permanently too high due to improper nutrition, or drops quickly and then causes cravings. It is then resorted to fast and unhealthy sources of sugar, which quickly drive up the blood sugar level, but unfortunately also the


Good Living Products

The manufacturer Good Living Products is becoming more and more popular with its dietary supplements. The product range now ranges from simple vitamin preparations to unique care and weight loss products.

In this article we would like to introduce you to the most popular products, prices, experiences and the manufacturer Good Living Products.

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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Lose weight without feeling hungry – it really is that easy!

There are people who see dieting as a starvation diet and start the diet with the worst fears. Most of the time, these people's fears are confirmed because they go on a diet without any basic knowledge. This basic knowledge includes, among other things, how to lose weight without starving yourself. In the following, we will explain the simple rules that you must observe.

Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Floranutris – natural food supplements

What is Floranutris?

The new online shop from the Berlin nutritionist Jasper Caven pursues a very special goal: to improve the quality of life of its customers in the long term with the help of the products. Whether it's about weight loss or general health.

Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

How are natural cosmetics used correctly?

By now it is probably clear to everyone that cosmetics that we apply to our skin should be free of any additives. So that our skin does not dry out or form impurities, we should therefore use natural cosmetics.

This allows the skin to age less quickly and supports the natural skin barrier in its regeneration. Natural cosmetics are also very popular with allergy sufferers or people who cannot tolerate fragrances or aggressive surfactants.

Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Nootropics - become the best version of yourself

What are nootropics? Heard it often, but never questioned it? Nootropics is the collective term for plant substances and dietary supplements that are currently being discussed on many portals in connection with personal performance.