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3 days juice cleanse: Our experience

Detox, detoxification or fasting are terms that are appearing more and more frequently in connection with a healthy and balanced diet. The trend is clearly towards these habits. Advertising and the Internet have recognized exactly this and use this fact for themselves. The more often


Food trucks - junk food or the healthy alternative?

For a few years now, the term food truck has come up again and again. The trend around these interesting cars is growing. Vehicles can be found more and more frequently in a wide variety of locations. What was then still the bratwurst stand in front of the hardware store is now a food truck that clearly stands out.


Use of colostrum - an overview

LR Colostrum is the only colostrum on the market certified with the Fresenius seal. Read more about the areas of application, intake and special quality features of LR Colostrum »

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Tips & tricks for a protein-rich diet

In addition to carbohydrates and fats, proteins are the third macronutrient that makes up food. Proteins are found in both plant and animal foods and are essential for a healthy diet. Proteins are made up of different amino acids, of which there are 21 in total. Nine

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More performance in everyday life: Healthy nutrition is the key to a vital and fit body!

If you want to lose weight, you often fail just thinking about the severe restrictions and hours of sports sessions. What many do not know is that with a little patience and a few tricks, it is possible to lose weight automatically in everyday life. We would like to share 10 tips to help you achieve your weight loss goals without counting calories or steps.

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Vegan Protein – What Makes Vegan Protein So Special?

Vegans reduce their food intake to plant-based products. It doesn't matter whether the reasons for a vegan diet are ethical concerns or the goal of a conscious diet. The fact is that a vegan diet always poses a certain challenge. Finally exist

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Instructions for base fasting - this is important to note

Base fasting has a positive effect on the human body. Many people find it difficult to change their diet accordingly. In order for you to succeed and keep your body healthy, this article provides you with base fasting instructions.

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Ready meals: Not just an unhealthy trend

Although ready-to-eat food is practical, in general usage it usually stands for an unhealthy diet. If you want to eat consciously and maybe even do sports, you are often faced with the difficult question of which dishes are suitable if you don't have time. However, there are alternatives to unhealthy convenience foods. What

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Protein: Why do humans need proteins?

Many know proteins in connection with muscle building and a sports diet. However, the basic building block protein is so much more and essential for our physical well-being. But how much protein does our body need and how much is too much? In the following article you will learn why protein, also known as protein, is so important for our body and how much of the energy supplier you really need.


What role do fatty acids play in weight loss?

It is not uncommon to claim that fats are fattening and would slow down a diet. It is all the more interesting that certain fats can even actively help with weight loss and keep the body healthy. This explains which fats and fatty acids can help you lose weight and why