Experiences with Jasper Caven's Metabolism Formula

The internet makes things a lot easier these days. Each of us has access to an incredible amount of information and can access it as often as we like. But that is sometimes the problem. Especially when it comes to nutrition, training and a healthy lifestyle, the amount of information available often causes confusion. The newcomer is taught too much content at once, he is confused and frustrated.


Metabolic acceleration through Jasper Caven's metabolic formula

If you no longer like your own reflection in the mirror, you want to find solutions as quickly as possible so that you look better again. In such cases, random diets are started. The problem with this is that many diets shut down the body's metabolism so much that the "yo-yo effect" is almost inevitable.

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3 days juice cleanse: Our experience

Detox, detoxification or fasting are terms that are appearing more and more frequently in connection with a healthy and balanced diet. The trend is clearly towards these habits. Advertising and the Internet have recognized exactly this and use this fact for themselves. The more often


Food trucks - junk food or the healthy alternative?

For a few years now, the term food truck has come up again and again. The trend around these interesting cars is growing. Vehicles can be found more and more frequently in a wide variety of locations. What was then still the bratwurst stand in front of the hardware store is now a food truck that clearly stands out.

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Dangerous legionella in tap water

The water that gushes out of German taps is said to be the most tested foodstuff in the republic. This is guaranteed in the Drinking Water Ordinance, in which the maximum values ​​of the various pollutants are meticulously recorded. However, radio, TV and the press regularly announce that an increased number of legionella is found in drinking water.

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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Smoothie bowl a healthy and tasty alternative

For many years, smoothies have become increasingly popular. Now there is a new trend. The smoothie bowl is not only healthy and delicious, but also looks very appetizing. The preparation is very simple.

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The Caven Morning Complex by Jasper Caven

Many people think of hours of endurance sports and elaborate cooking with complicated ingredients when they hear the keyword "weight loss". But it can be much easier: Jasper Caven's new product only requires a few seconds a day.

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Experiences with Ultra Keto - does the product live up to its promise?

The Ultra Keto Slim capsules are intended as a dietary supplement to support a ketogenic diet. The basic idea behind it is simple: With the help of the "Ultra Keto" preparations, the ketosis process in the body should be increased. Thanks to the low-carbohydrate nutrients, your body “taps” from fat stores as an alternative source for energy.

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Natural cosmetics - better for the skin and the environment

Daily care is part of a fixed ritual for most people. Countless products should not only prevent wrinkles, but also ensure a youthful appearance. Only a few people look at the ingredients. Much more effective are the advertising promises made by the numerous


Use of colostrum - an overview

LR Colostrum is the only colostrum on the market certified with the Fresenius seal. Read more about the areas of application, intake and special quality features of LR Colostrum »