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From the hairstyle to the outfit to the perfect make-up. It changes every year trend and new colors, shapes and hairstyles come into focus. Don't miss out on the latest beauty trends.

In addition to trendy hairstyles and appropriate clothing, small cosmetic surgeries can also play a role. Large or small breasts, a fuller buttocks or even the wrinkles on the face will become more apparent Focus.

The Breast augmentation in Berlin, the injection of wrinkles in Cologne or liposuction in Munich are more likely embellishments, which do not change every year. Especially since an operation needs to be carefully considered. We would like to introduce you to the hottest trends in fashion and cosmetics.

These make-up trends are hip

Highlighters and contours should not be missing from the current trend. However, the extremes disappear. Cheekbones no longer have to stand out and the nose can also recede a little into the background.

Naturalness returns. Make-up is no longer about spreading as many shadows as possible. A certain Harmony and a subtle transition are currently the order of the day. Also, less is more.

A look that is almost without make-up. A little toned vanishing cream and subtle mascara are already the maximum you should use. Exactly then you have internalized the look and recognized the latest trend.

For the evening it can be a little more. Smokey eyes celebrate their comeback. Above and below the eye, it may now become properly black. At the infatuate then the blurred and yet desired look is created.

Avoid dark lipstick. Likewise, the classic red is the wrong choice. Subtle lipsticks in pink tones belong on the mouth to round off the whole picture perfectly.

A clear face and natural tones fit the current trend in life. Conscious renunciation and sustainability are also becoming increasingly important in beauty trends. This is exactly what is reflected in the cosmetics.

The latest hairstyle trends

In the 80's there were various perms the hit. A short time later, short hairstyles conquered the market. Just like make-up, the trend is also changing for hair. Length, type and colors play an important role here.

Currently, the head of hair should be with a lot Volume be taken care of. Blow-dry long hair with a round brush and set with hairspray for a playful and casual look. This is exactly how you are right on trend.

You should definitely go for one middle parting respect, think highly of. Because that's exactly what's trending now. A straight line right down the middle of the head. Clear and not offset. Also avoid patterns or waves in the parting.

If you would rather have shorter hair and an easy-care yet trendy hairstyle, then the short bob is perfect. In combination with Curtain bangs you are right on trend and hip.

Straight oval or oblong faces benefit from the hairstyle. If you have a rather round face, then the combination can be stages and the trendy middle parting ensure more length.

Small braids are coming back. Hair down and a small part of bangs in long braids braided or twisted are seen more and more often. And that is exactly what is wanted with the current trend hairstyles.

Equally popular and impossible to displace is a classic bangs. It can be found in combination with the different trends and is therefore very versatile, for example at Updos.

updo bride natural braided hairstyle

Fashion must-haves

The make-up and hairstyles are on point. Now it's time to find the right outfit, because this must also match the overall picture. Warm, cozy and being absolutely trendy at the same time applies to the cold season.

Step hunts are absolutely hip. What was only intended for the older generation a few years ago is now experiencing a true one Comeback. Discreet and bright colors for everyone. Only the cut remains the same.

In combination with a pair of jeans or a Rock the jackets are not only perfect for a walk. They are ideal for everyday use and combine the useful with the fashionable trend.

Equally well-known and also retro Tweet. This fabric for a blazer is at the top of fashion trends. A blazer can be wonderfully combined with all outfits. The tweet fabric is a real eye-catcher.

The eye-catching fabric is not only comfortable to wear, but with the wonderful patterns and colors it can be combined with many basic items of clothing perfectly combined will. Versatile and modern is the motto here.

Now that two classics are already trendy, the retro patterns should not be missing. Noticeable and wild, so that you immediately draw attention to yourself. Large checks, circles or even a zebra pattern are popular.

You can combine wildly. The more Pattern and colors are present in an outfit, the better. Gone are the days when stripes or checks had to be worn separately.

Try an eye-catching catsuit with one Tweet blazers and flat noble shoes and you have implemented the fashion trend perfectly this year. Because the one-piece suit is once again celebrating its appearance on the hip catwalks of the world.

fashion trends for autumn

Trend is what pleases

The current trends are only guidelines. Much this year reflects on trends from previous years. Again and again, different products or fashion make it to the walkways.

To sum up, this year has a striking look in terms of clothing. When it comes to make-up, however, you're more reserved. This Combination not only harmonizes wonderfully with each other, but also appeals to many people.

It is possible to stand out and still be discreet. The accessories can also go in both directions. Noticeable large and pompous handbags are just as popular as small, inconspicuous backpacks or shoppers.

It's the same with jewelry. The right thing is what pleases and rounds off the overall appearance perfectly. Large chains can catch the eye just as much as small ones Pearl earrings.

It has never been so easy to create the perfect look with little effort and without much thought. The corresponding easy care frisur rounds everything off perfectly, so that you are always right on trend.

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