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Every year we feel it effects of climate change. Every year it is said that "this summer was the warmest summer on record". Every year we become more aware of the changes caused by climate change, so we finally have to intervene to make improvements.

Many Germans are aware of this, but some still resist the change. They don't want to limit their quality of life and no part of it entire movement be. You associate a lot of work with fighting climate change, but that's not really true.

It would be enough for them and for us if we all up sustainable products would switch. They ensure that less waste is generated and that the environment is not destroyed by our influence. It is also good for the environment and thus for the fight against climate change sustainable products can be produced and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Living sustainably – meaning and definition

Living sustainably can mean many things. The definition we can make for ourselves as the level of our involvement is chosen by ourselves. My definition of sustainable living would be to switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly products instead of using the "normal products"..

sustainable energy consumption

Even if the prices for sustainable goods are more expensive, which by the way is not always the case, I would rather accept that than let the earth suffer. Also, I feel mine Energy consumption for clearly too high and must limit this for a sustainable life. The definition of other people could also mean this and more.

For example, it would be important for them that everyone uses as little energy, water and gas as possible. Additionally they would on the use of the car and I baked the eating pay attention to what is fatal for the climate when eating meat. As said before, we can choose our own share, but the sympathy should be there.

Live sustainably in everyday life

In everyday life we ​​could improve many things that are easy to implement. A good example is found in electricity/energy consumption, which is clearly too high in German households. We could curb consumption with multiple sockets and switch them off after use and overnight.

Even when the technical devices are on stand-by, they consume a small amount of electricity. But we can use this with the Turn off the multiplug prevent, whereby we do something positive for the environment.

At the same time we should sparingly with water evade. The largest amounts of water are used in the shower. Many of us shower incorrectly and leave the water running all the time, which is unnecessary. Water is not needed in the shampooing stages, so it should be turned off.

In addition, we can use our reduce car use. While driving is an imperative for many of us, it is also a useful tool to get to certain places quickly. But many routes could also be covered by bicycle or public transport, which would result in significantly fewer emissions.

Reasons for using sustainable products

After the behaviors for our sustainably optimized life are clarified, it is also important to use sustainable products. The entire industry is now working on improvements to make products more environmentally friendly. Some manufacturers are working on it a little more and others a little less.

Our task now is to use these products in a targeted manner to make this even clearer to the industry and to do something good for the environment. All manufacturers in the world only show their true interest when their revenues are affected. This may sound morally reprehensible, but in the end it is completely normal, since behind every company there are a number of people who need money.

So if we only buy and use sustainable products, then the individual companies will notice. They then focus on the “sustainable” clientele and produce their goods accordingly. Even if their actions are due to wrong intentions, the environment doesn't care, because it still benefits from it.

So it's up to us to buy sustainable goods and make the world a better place.

An overview of various sustainable products in everyday life

Sustainable cosmetics

Sustainable goods can now be found in every industry. the cosmetics/beauty industry now likes to use herbal ingredients and completely without chemicals. You get the ingredients from specially created fields with the plants and thus pay attention to sustainable production.

This not only benefits the environment, but also us. Our bodies absorb natural cosmetics much better, which means fewer skin problems or something similar arise. There are a number of products to choose from in many shops, ranging from natural make-up to sustainable face cream.

Environmentally friendly packaging

sustainable packaging

Another branch of sustainable goods deals with Packaging. Plastic packaging is harmful to the environment because it cannot be properly disposed of. Sometimes they even end up in the sea and are eaten by animals there, which leads to further problems.

Accordingly, many companies are currently taking care of this biological packagingthat are naturally degradable and made from plant-based materials. Mostly they are also renewable raw materials such as starch, cell fibers and Water manufactured and are therefore ecologically degradable. In the meantime, this packaging is increasingly being used for many products that we should also pay attention to.

Instead of buying products in plastic cups, we should choose those in organic packaging. Some countries are now even banning the use of plastic bags, which will gradually happen across the globe.

CO2 emissions – meat consumption & driving

Furthermore, we are in a time of significant changes in meat consumption learns. More and more people are taking the conscious path to vegetarian or vegan diet. Some of them change their eating habits for their own health, others do it for ethical reasons, and still others do it for the environment.

Meat consumption, especially from factory farming, is responsible for a very large Percentage of CO2 emissions. The share was a few years ago almost 15%, which is frightening when this one with the share of cars (18 %) is compared. Our meat consumption was therefore just as harmful to the environment as our car use.

For this reason, more and more people decide against animal food, which is why they switch to substitute products. Many large meat product manufacturers now also offer vegan or vegetarian products, some of which have a similar taste. Even the price is similar.

sustainable meat alternative

But what is better about the products is the quality of the ingredients and the benefits for the environment. Instead of eating meat every day, we could switch to the substitutes and only consume meat on special occasions. In addition, we should pay attention to Where do we get the meat from?, as factory farming is fatal for the animals and the entire world.

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