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With the concept of Sustainability a principle of thought is described which deals with the responsible use of resources on a social, ecological and economic level. It is the harmonious Togetherness of all people and nature in the centre. In addition, many experts equate the term sustainability with future stability. It is therefore a question of using the available resources in such a way that these foundations of life are preserved for future generations.

“Preserve” a high quality of life in the long term

The concept of sustainability is derived from the verb "follow up", which has the meaning of "stop for a long time". The noun was formulated for the first time in the 18th century and comes from forestry. A chief mining officer pointed out that in the forest, the number of felled trees must not exceed a certain value, so that it was still possible to grow an equal number of new trees by sowing. So one came about targeted and sustainable reforestation.

Especially in the last decades the term has gained more and more popularity and meanwhile the term of Sustainability applied to many areas of life. For example, traffic, general life or agriculture and the energy industry. In addition, sustainability in everyday life is also based on the three pillars ecology, economy and social affairs. This is also a guiding principle of politics, dealing responsibly with the available resources and showing consideration for the environment. Even today, it is still largely a matter of only taking a certain number of raw materials from nature so that it can still regenerate completely.

Some sustainability examples from everyday life

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Every day you too are influenced by the principle of sustainability or you can do something for it yourself Environment do and act sustainably. To that end, here are some everyday examples of how you can do a good deed for the planet:

1. Significantly reduce or completely stop meat consumption

Nowadays, every German eats almost 60 kilograms of meat per year. Unfortunately, however, the meat is very hostile to the environment in production. About 27 kilograms of carbon monoxide are consumed for one cow. It is therefore useful if you do without one or the other burger to do something for sustainability.

Also, be careful when purchasing Organically farmed meat to acquire. This is often only available at the counter and therefore there will be less packing material consumed and no plastic packaging is used. Even if the meat is a bit more expensive, this investment is worthwhile because it is also of higher quality and guarantees animal welfare.

2. Avoid plastic

Take a cloth bag with you when you go shopping and avoid any plastic bags. Also avoid small bags on the vegetable rule, because these are particularly harmful to the environment. You should also avoid plastic as far as possible when it comes to drinks. Only buy drinks from the Tetra Pak or in glass bottles.

You can also make sure that products such as drinking bottles are not made of plastic, but are made of glass or stainless steel BPA free. It is very important that the Drinking bottles BPA free are, because the softener can under certain circumstances come loose from the plastic and get into the human body, which has unsightly consequences.

3. Use public transport and bicycles

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Of course it can be difficult to use the wheel when you want to do a big weekend shopping, but you should use it in as many situations as possible. 80% of German purchases are still transported by car and these are not always bulk purchases. The cars bump into a multitude harmful exhaust gases from which not only bad for your health are, but also continue to accelerate climate change.

So do something good for the environment and use it for short distances bike or public transport. Even smaller errands can be mastered optimally and often you are also faster on the way, than by car. At the same time you do something good for your body and keep fit. Also, try to travel longer distances by train, as this is also much kinder to the environment than driving your own car.

4. Shop regionally and organically

If you often Organic products grip, this has many advantages. On the one hand, there is a high probability that fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides will be used. Also will the Animal Welfare capitalized and all animal protection measures are observed. There is also more emphasis on quality than quantity.

However, pay attention to the organic seal, because not every one is an official one from the EU. In addition, you should increasingly rely on regional goods, because in this way you not only support smaller companies, but also do something good for the environment. Because, among other things, there are significantly shorter transport routes.

5. Sustainable and ecological burials

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The next example of sustainability in everyday life has something to do with that death of a human to do. Because even with such sad matters you can do something good for the environment. We are talking about so-called “ecological burials”.

For the sake of the environment, you should give some thought to the different types of burial while you are still alive. A cremation, for example, uses a lot of energy. This avoidable energy consumption by cremation of humans does not make sense for the environment. Therefore, the type of burial "cremation" is absolutely not suitable from an ecological point of view.

If a cremation is desired, one should make sure that it is biological degradable materials be used. For example, ash capsules or decorative urns would be suitable.

If you want to do the environment a big favour, you prefer a sustainable and ecological burial in one environmentally friendly cardboard coffin or in native wood species.

In addition to the type of burial and the choice of coffin, you can also do something good for the environment in the long term if you think about the location of the grave in the cemetery. Because a long way to the cemetery can be harmful to the environment if it can only be reached by car. If it is possible, the burial site should be selected where good connections are guaranteed by the appropriate infrastructure.

Consideration for the environment can also be taken when tending to a grave, for example by exotic grave plants used. These are ecologically and still appreciate the prestige of the tomb because of their great looks.

Detailed information on environmentally friendly burial can be found here on this portal eingesehen werden.

6. Also pay attention to sustainability online

If you like to order often on the Internet, you can also pay attention to sustainability there. There is a wide one Sustainability online shop offer, where you can not only find all the products you want, but also do something for the sustainability of the planet. Therefore, before you buy, find out whether the products have been produced sustainably and whether the shop is doing something explicitly for sustainability.

Especially in this day and age, every supplier should make sure that their products are produced sustainably and also at the same time packaging material as little plastic as possible is used. With these many small things, you can also do something for the environment with your online purchase and ensure that future generations also benefit from our planet.

According to ours Shipping policy we reuse cardboard boxes and ship within Germany with DHL GoGreen. Due to our geographical proximity to Austria, orders to Austria are also placed in Austria in order to avoid detours for the shipping service provider. Our filling materials are exclusively reused and are not procured new. We too still have a lot to learn, but as the saying goes: the journey is the reward!

7. Sustainability also plays a major role in cosmetics

As with almost every product, you can also do something good for the environment with cosmetic products and further promote sustainability. at Sustainability Cosmetics it is important to ensure that the products are 100% from a controlled organic cultivation originate and no toxins etc. have been used. In addition, the products should be vegan, which also means the label adhesive and printing inks. The labels and the entire packaging should also be made of a rapidly degradable material so that the environment is not polluted as much as possible.

Here too, the less plastic, the better for the environment. They are therefore particularly good recyclable glass bottles, which you can continue to use even after use, as a tea light or to store other things. Seals of approval are also very important and should be given your attention. Make sure that these are official seals of the EU and that they stand for the sustainability of the products.

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