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Insomnia, inner restlessness and frequent awakenings at night are known to many people. A quiet and, above all, sufficient sleep is the Basis for good health.

Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and numerous factors of everyday life are often a reason why we don't get any rest at night. However, the insomnia can be improved even with small changes.

Changes in everyday life, the right environment and of course the equipment of the bed are important. natural materials for a pillow, the right blanket and appropriate covers can already have a positive aspect here.

Natural materials in the furnishing of the bed

Materials for both the bed and the textiles that are in the bed are the first step towards a good night's sleep. Synthetic fibers and plastics also have numerous disadvantages.

It is much better to use luxury bed linen from Royfort, for example. The properties from nature as in the linen bedding not only support our sleep, but have numerous others Benefits for us and our health.

Also recommended are duvet covers made of wool or Cotton. In any case, it is important to ensure that the natural materials are free of harmful substances.

According to the season, you can adapt the different materials from nature. A duvet cover Wool will make much more sense in winter than with high temperatures in summer.

Cotton on the other hand, has the property of cooling in summer and warming sufficiently in winter. Bedding made of this natural material can therefore be used all year round and offers numerous advantages.

Linen, on the other hand, is ideal for the warm season. It's not just the clothing that shows it on the skin slight cooling effect on. This is also the case with bed linen. In winter, on the other hand, cozy products made of wool are perfect for a restful sleep.

Natural materials are better for the skin

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Not just people under one skin disease sufferers will be able to sleep better with bedding made from different natural materials. In general, synthetic fibers are more harmful than healthy for our skin.

Linen and also wool are breathable. An important factor when it comes to sleeping. On average, we spend about 8 hours a day in bed. We sweat and lose fluids.

Synthetic fibers can liquid do not absorb and release to the environment. The skin can therefore not be adequately ventilated. It's different with them duvets made from materials such as linen or cotton.

The climate in bed and while sleeping is already significantly better. Do people now suffer from skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, an improvement can already occur during sleep.

Allergy sufferers on Mites react, do not have to limit themselves to special bed linen from the medical supply store. Of course, these covers bring a significant improvement, but they are mixed with artificial fibers.

It is better to fall back on wool, cotton or linen with this impairment. The mites and bacteria feel comfortable when the bed and thus the environment Atmosphere poorly ventilated and rather humid.

This will not be the case with the corresponding natural materials. The number of unwelcome guests is thus significantly reduced. The sleep is not only more relaxed, but also the allergy symptoms decrease heavily.

In addition, the bed linen made of linen or cotton can be cleaned more easily and intensively. Even a wash at 90 degree is not a problem. Mites and other bacteria or pathogens have no chance of surviving at these temperatures.

The benefits of natural materials for better sleep

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Of course, the type of equipment for your own bed plays a very important role when it comes to a restful sleep goes without interruption. Don't expect the bed linen alone to be responsible for eliminating the problem. However, these improve the situation significantly.

The climate in bed is crucial for health. It's not just about the skin, but also about sleep and the whole thing nervous system are available as assessories. Metabolism. If our skin is fine, then we are fine too.

With natural materials none is formed Moisturizer, in which we must remain all night. The liquid that we release during the night is absorbed by the bed linen and released into the environment accordingly.

Natural fibers also ensure that not too many Mites or bacteria can form. So the bed is much cleaner. Bedding made from natural materials is also easier to clean.

But we are also doing something for the environment when we choose bed linen made from natural materials. This is not only more sustainable in production, but has a long life expectancy. So we don't have to buy new bedding so quickly.

Not only the bed linen plays a role in a restful sleep

We have already explained how good bed linen made from natural materials is for our sleep. But also the bed itself and also the Mattress must not be neglected in this aspect.

The surface is crucial for us to be able to recover overnight. You not only need the right mattress, but also the right one bedstead to have. Because we can only rest if the entire package is right.

Wood is the ideal choice here. It is not only robust and very durable, but also ensures a pleasant climate in the bedroom. In addition, wood always exudes a certain coziness and calmness.

These two factors are important for sleep. When it comes to mattresses, you should also completely avoid artificial fibers. So it's not just him that plays here temper a role, but also the manufacture.

It is ideal if you decide on a topper on the mattress yourself. This also offers cooling or warming properties. Because depending on Season not only the bed linen but also the underlay must be adjusted accordingly.

Only when the entire package is right and all the materials are coordinated does it happen at night ideal climate, which leads us to a restful and peaceful sleep.

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