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Restful sleep is considered one of the three, along with a balanced diet and exercise most important pillars for health. But that's easier said than done for over 30 percent of the population: almost every third German citizen suffers from sleep disorders.

However, there is good news for all those affected: With the right sleep hygiene, you can counteract sleep disorders and ensure a healthy, restful bed rest.

In this article, we present the top seven pieces of advice for good sleep hygiene.

The 7 best tips for good sleep hygiene

Sleep has a lot to do with chemistry: If the neurotransmitters adenosine and melatonin are released in sufficient quantities in the brain, people become tired. However, bad habits or an unfavorable sleeping situation can disrupt the release of these transmitters: So impair Brightness, noise, but also pain this bodily function.

In the following, we will tell you how you can support your body so that it can recover optimally.

#1 Make your sleeping environment comfortable

First of all, you should make sure that you feel comfortable in your bed. This includes a good mattress, ergonomic pillows and high-quality ones duvets. One is crucial for a good night's sleep optimal temperature.

You shouldn't be too cold, but not too warm either. Quality bedding – like natural down comforters – is able to regulate temperature. The bedroom should ideally be around 18 degrees Celsius.

Tip: Customize your sleepwear to suit your needs. If you constantly have cold feet, knitted wool socks will help. On the other hand, if you start sweating quickly, you should opt for light cotton pajamas.

#2 Make it dark

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As mentioned above, sleep has a lot to do with chemistry. That Sleep hormone melatonin is crucial for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, this hormone is sensitive to light: when the sun shines on our faces, the body releases the "opponent" serotonin. This hormone lowers melatonin levels.

So make sure your bedroom is dark. If the room cannot be darkened by a curtain or roller shutter, a sleeping mask can help.

By the way: Checking your phone just before you fall asleep is not a good idea. That light of the display has a high proportion of blue light – this slows down the production of melatonin inhibited. Forego your smartphone in bed or turn on night mode.

#3 Create a quiet environment

In order to have a good and restful sleep, we need to calm down – and that includes silence. Therefore, close the windows if it is too loud outside - for example because of a busy street. Offer as an alternative earplugs

And very important: Avoid strenuous activities such as exercising or watching an exciting film just before bed. This drives up blood pressure and prevents you from falling asleep. Read instead rather a book or do autogenic training.

#4 Establish a bedtime ritual

Harness the insights of psychology and classical conditioning. Humans are creatures of habits. If you every day one before bed Tumble Tee drink or do a relaxation exercise, the brain associates this ritual with sleeping. As a result, the body prepares itself for rest and relaxation during this ritual.

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If you suffer from severe insomnia, you can too Tea with soothing herbs like drinking hops or valerian. However, you should refrain from pharmaceutical sleeping pills. You can become addicted very quickly.

#5 Avoid alcohol and heavy eating before bed

Make sure that Dinner not late takes place. Ideally, there should be at least two hours between the last meal and falling asleep. Fatty, heavy and difficult to digest food in the evening is detrimental to restful sleep: the body needs a lot of strength and energy to digest pork, for example.

You should also be careful with alcohol. A glass of wine is okay – but more alcohol prevents you from sleeping through the night: you have to go to the toilet more often at night and your body dries out from the alcohol-related dehydration, which in turn tears you out of sleep.

#6 Get some fresh air before bed

Exercise in the fresh air can promote restful sleep. Because the increased oxygen uptake In connection with movement, the release of the sleep hormone adenosine is stimulated.

As already mentioned, it is not beneficial to exercise intensively before going to bed. If you still instead a lap around the block walk, this walk will help you fall asleep.

By the way: If you don't want to go out late at night, you can Walk during the lunch break make. You will also benefit from this in terms of falling asleep.

#7 Don't sleep too much

Some people wonder why they can't fall asleep when they may have just slept too much that day.

How much sleep a person needs is very different. If you are one of those people who often have a take a nap and suffer from insomnia at night: Better skip the afternoon nap or shorten it drastically.

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  1. I particularly like the tip to exercise outside beforehand. I used to have trouble sleeping too, but since I started jogging it has gotten a lot better.

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