strawberry banana smoothie

The best strawberry banana smoothie recipes

Vegetables and fruit are particularly important for a healthy and varied diet. They not only provide important vitamins, but also numerous nutrients that the organism needs to function.

chia seeds breakfast

Athlete's breakfast: The morning energy boost

A healthy and balanced breakfast is the perfect basis for a successful day. A good start to the day is particularly important for athletes in order to have the necessary energy for their training sessions. But which ingredients belong in the ideal breakfast for athletes?

cook healthy

Delicious recipes and trends for everyone

Many families and single people are tired of eating the same thing every day. Often the ideas are missing and in the end exactly the same meal that was served the previous week is served. Variety does not always have to do with a lot of effort. Frequently

happy family

Breakfast ideas for the whole family

It's Sunday morning, hunger is calling and your stomach is growling. You don't feel like walking to the next bakery either, so you have to come up with something. A boring toast or mixed bread is out of place here. Together you can conjure up a lot for breakfast and meanwhile rise

sweet potato paprika

Baked sweet potato cubes with paprika

If you're looking for a classic American diner style dinner, you've just found it. You can use it as a side dish or eat it on its own. The sweet potato cubes with paprika are seasoned with chilli powder and oregano to create additional flavor experiences.

sweet potato soup

Sweet potato soup with bacon

Who doesn't love to eat a bowl of hot soup on a wintry day. This sweet potato soup with bacon has the full, bold flavor of when our grandma spent hours in the kitchen making a stew. Don't despair, this recipe can be prepared in 30 minutes and you can enjoy.

sweet potato bacon

Sweet potato wedges wrapped in bacon

This recipe is extremely easy to make and I'm pretty sure you'll love this combination. The mix of sweet potatoes and bacon makes for a sweet yet savory snack that you can serve on its own or as an accompaniment to a hearty main course.

sweet potato pancakes

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Now it's getting wild, can you imagine pancakes made from potatoes, probably not. But I'm changing that here and I'm looking forward to seeing your astonished faces when you take the first bite of it.