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Tips to counteract stress and exhaustion

Stress is part of our life. It is not uncommon for us to rush from one appointment to the next, forgetting that our bodies also need rest breaks. But that doesn't count in our society.

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Mindfulness – cope better with the stressful everyday life

In a fast-paced world, people are exposed to extremely high levels of stress. It is not uncommon for the many different demands of everyday life to push both men and women to their mental and physical limits. Various mindfulness exercises offer very good help here to strengthen your own resilience and resistance to stress reactions.


5 ideas for a romantic engagement

One of the most important questions in life consists of just four words: "Will you marry me?" However, it is not that easy to ask your partner exactly this question. It's a life decision.


High season for pests - ticks, mosquitoes and co.

After the cold season, most people look forward to warm temperatures. The trees are turning green again, the first plants are beginning to grow and it seems as if all of nature is slowly coming out of hibernation.

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Body-centered hypnosis against inner restlessness and restlessness

More and more people suffer from inner restlessness and restlessness. Psychological counseling can help to eliminate the overwhelming feeling of restlessness, because inner restlessness is often accompanied by reduced body awareness and a lack of connection to body awareness. It is important that people suffering from inner restlessness

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Buddha images and their meaning

The teaching of Buddhism is no longer only widespread in Asia. In this country, too, more and more people are enthusiastic about the Buddhist worldview. More and more Buddha figures adorn living rooms and gardens at home. However, before you buy a Buddha figure for your home, you should

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CBD and hemp

CBD by HempCrew - Extra Nutrients for Relaxation!

When you think of the effects of CBD products, terms like relaxation, inner peace and sluggishness often come to mind. However, the fact that CBD can do much more than just provide relaxation is proven by the HempCrew line of products. You have made it your mission