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Fear of going to the dentist – avoid fears at the dentist

Almost every fifth person in Germany is afraid of the dentist. In most cases, negative experiences and experiences from the past are the reason for this. For many of those affected, this fear begins as soon as the appointment is made. Everyone has a queasy feeling when visiting

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Treating depression: which type of health insurance is better?

Health insurance benefits are regulated by law. Depending on the treatment, there are different co-payments or even full cost coverage. However, there are also numerous differences in this area. Probably the biggest difference between statutory and private health insurance is the cost. Make up your mind

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Stress management: With mindfulness out of the downward spiral

Stress has many faces. Stress affects a corporate manager as much as it does a family manager who is homeschooling four children at home. Stress is usually either due to excessive demands on oneself or external stressors cause it. How to deal with stress with mindfulness? The guide shows typical stress symptoms and presents the eight principles of mindfulness.

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Can you have pain without suffering from it?

Being in pain is the last thing. They are simply the most uncomfortable thing we can imagine - whether it is physical or psychological pain. That is why we all have one wish in life above all: avoid pain and achieve well-being.

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Winter depression: With 10 simple tips to get out of the bad mood

Is winter knocking, is your mood sinking like Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic? You don't want to go out, have an appetite for four and could sleep like Sleeping Beauty? Then you suffer from winter depression. Read here what winter depression is, the causes and how you can escape the low mood.

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Treating sleep apnea – what you should know

Do you snore in your sleep and aren't really rested in the morning? These could already be signs that you are suffering from what is known as sleep apnea – a common disease in which those affected often suffer from breathing pauses at night that go unnoticed. In this article we explain what the consequences of this disease can be, how it manifests itself and what you can do about it.

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How too much noise can throw us off balance

Today's world is full of noises of all kinds. We perceive them with our ears and can process information from them. Which sounds are perceived as noise varies greatly from person to person.

But the fact is that too much noise can make us sick. Below we will show you why this is and what you can do about it.

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Quantum Resonance Experiences

Many people feel unhappy and unfulfilled in our society. The reasons for this can be very different. However, all these people have one thing in common:

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That's why you should switch off and relax

Our modern society is characterized by immense economic growth combined with constant technical, scientific and social progress. On the one hand, this is certainly necessary in order to maintain the standard of living of the average German person. But living in such a turbulent, ever-changing world also comes with a multitude of disadvantages. People are always thinking about the future.

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Finally smoke-free - an overview

Smoking is unhealthy – every child knows that by now. But why is it so difficult to quit smoking? And how can it still succeed?
We will show you the best ways to quit smoking and what you should consider when doing so.