How can you train your balance and coordination skills?

Balance and coordination are incredibly important to humans. Even the simplest of tasks would be difficult if we didn't control our core and coordinate our center of gravity. If you have ever had to stand on the bus and were afraid of the next bend

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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Vitamin D deficiency - causes, symptoms and therapy

Our body is a real powerhouse. Countless bones, muscles, nerves, veins and organs ensure that we are able to go about our everyday lives. Diet is an important factor in functioning. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, fiber and vitamins provide us with energy


Lack of concentration βˆ™ What is behind it and what helps?

Poor concentration, forgetfulness and tiredness – most of us are probably familiar with this. Those who suffer from a lack of concentration need longer for tasks, they often do these tasks imprecisely and their attention generally leaves a lot to be desired. All stimuli that come from outside have a disruptive and distracting effect. One


Ginkgo to increase concentration βˆ™ Fuel for the brain

When it comes to boosting concentration, ginkgo is one of the most effective plants out there. It is considered a completely natural concentration agent and with virtually no side effects. In general, the topic of increasing concentration is more important today than ever before. Whether it's studying,


Ginseng - The power root for more concentration and focus

At least people are familiar with ginseng. But very few people know what ginseng can really do. Ginseng is a real power root! The ginseng effect is extremely wide-ranging: it is said to stop signs of aging, it increases memory and, last but not least, the effect is supposed to

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Meditation βˆ™ Meaning, effect and helpful tips for beginners

Meditation has been practiced for many millennia. Many cultures appreciate the power of meditation. Meditation is not only considered to reduce stress and calm, but also has a positive effect on mental and physical performance. Mediation makes you calmer and more relaxed and

autogenic training

Better concentration through autogenic training?

Autogenic training is a relaxation method that is now widespread in Germany. However, learning autogenic training is not quite as easy as progressive muscle relaxation. It is a kind of self-hypnosis, in which the breath, the pulse and


Guarana βˆ™ rocket fuel for the brain?

It is on everyone's lips in the truest sense of the word: Guarana. Just a few decades ago, people didn't really know what to do with this name, but Guarana has now become a real superfood and is very popular. Guarana is being added to more and more foods and that

green tea

Green tea βˆ™ power substance to increase concentration?

Word has long since got around that green tea is healthy. However, very few people know how healthy he actually is. After all, the antioxidants contained in the tea leaves should stop the aging process and protect against cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Green tea has an immune-enhancing effect