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Intimate shaving without pimples – How to avoid pimples after shaving

Which woman does not know this? Summer time is beginning, the bikini is slowly being dusted off again and the annoying little hairs in the intimate area are shaved. But what happens? Small, red pimples that are just annoying, itchy and look anything but great. Here's how to avoid them.

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

What helps against hair loss?

It is not only a nuisance, it can also become a serious burden for a person, we are talking about hair loss. If you notice hair loss, the question immediately arises as to what you can do about it. But this is not a question at all

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

What to do about greasy hair?

Everyone knows it, nobody likes it - greasy hair. In extreme cases, just a few hours after washing your hair, your hair will be flat and stringy again. The roots shimmer with fat, the scalp itches and you feel uncomfortable and unkempt. It doesn't have to

hair loss woman
Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Hair loss in women

Small haircuts or a thin fringe. Hair loss is a sheer horror for many women. And the worst: Hair loss in women can occur regardless of age and can have many causes. Of course, young women in particular do not expect to lose their hair and suffer a lot when it happens. But that is not necessary at all, after all there are therapies and ways to get the full head of hair back. Because in most cases the hair roots are still present and active.

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Hair loss in men

Beautiful, individual, magnificent hair is a matter of course for many men. It is all the more annoying when the hair becomes less and less over the course of life, especially when hair loss occurs in men under 30. After all, for many people, full hair is a sign of health. But don't worry, there are many ways to prevent hair loss.

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Perfume fragrance notes and scent directions

Have you often wondered what the scents of patchouli, heliotrope or vetiver actually mean? What is a gourmand scent like?

Here you can find out everything about perfume fragrances and fragrance directions.

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Beauty and wellness

Thalasso therapy as part of many wellness offers

Surely you are like many people who are looking for detailed information in the field of wellness: You can hardly see the forest for the trees. The flood of offers seems almost endless, and most laypeople don't even know which suggestion to grab.

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The human immune system

Find out here a few things worth knowing about the human immune system, how our body's complex defense system works and what you can do to specifically support and strengthen it.

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Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

The body and its nutrients

Did you know..? Here you will find information about your health - facts and information that you may not have known... It's worth checking out for your health!