child boy drinks tap water

Dangerous legionella in tap water

The water that gushes out of German taps is said to be the most tested foodstuff in the republic. This is guaranteed in the Drinking Water Ordinance, in which the maximum values ​​of the various pollutants are meticulously recorded. However, radio, TV and the press regularly announce that an increased number of legionella is found in drinking water.

strawberry banana smoothie

The best strawberry banana smoothie recipes

Vegetables and fruit are particularly important for a healthy and varied diet. They not only provide important vitamins, but also numerous nutrients that the organism needs to function.

chia seeds breakfast

Athlete's breakfast: The morning energy boost

A healthy and balanced breakfast is the perfect basis for a successful day. A good start to the day is particularly important for athletes in order to have the necessary energy for their training sessions. But which ingredients belong in the ideal breakfast for athletes?

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The summer fashion trends - sustainability in the fashion industry

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in life. When it comes to groceries, many people already make sure that they buy something that has been produced sustainably and regionally. In the field of fashion, too, you can follow the latest summer fashion trends and still act sustainably.

smoothie bowl
Vitamins and nutrients for a healthy body

Smoothie bowl a healthy and tasty alternative

For many years, smoothies have become increasingly popular. Now there is a new trend. The smoothie bowl is not only healthy and delicious, but also looks very appetizing. The preparation is very simple.

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Aesthetic Dentistry – Beautiful teeth for a lifetime

A well-groomed appearance also includes teeth. Appearance is very important to many people. This also includes a radiant smile with white and perfect teeth. But healthy teeth also play an important role. Only if the teeth and gums are intact