Metabolic acceleration through Jasper Caven's metabolic formula


If you no longer like your own reflection in the mirror, you want to find solutions as quickly as possible so that you look better again. In such cases, random diets are started.

The problem with this is that many diets shut down the body's metabolism so much that the "yo-yo effect" is almost inevitable. The result:

You weigh the same as before the diet and all the effort was for nothing.

With a secret weight loss formula, the metabolism can be accelerated directly so that you don't have to starve unnecessarily. The metabolic formula of Jasper Caven should help with that.

What is the metabolic formula?

After Jasper Caven already be Nutrition guide given away for free he developed the metabolism formula for his customers. The Metabolism Formula is a natural dietary supplement in capsule form, consisting of 4 herbal ingredients. These ingredients are known to speed up metabolism, increase fat burning and have beneficial health effects.

The 4 natural nutrients are particularly effective in combination and should therefore be taken together. About what Nutrients you can find out about it here:

Here you get to the metabolism formula

metabolic formula desktop
Metabolism acceleration thanks to Jasper Caven's metabolism formula
metabolic formula mobile
Metabolism acceleration thanks to Jasper Caven's metabolism formula

Ingredients of the metabolic formula

Green tea extract

green tea cup

Green tea extract and especially the bitter substances EGCG it contains have a multitude of positive effects on the body.

Some scientific studies have proven that Green Tea Extract EGCG can also affect fat burning. This happens due to increased heat production in the body.

To get the right amount of green tea extract, you would need to drink 3-5 cups of green tea a day. However, this is only possible with difficulty. Green tea has a special taste that not everyone likes, which makes it difficult to drink so many cups of it every day.

In the metabolic formula by Jasper Caven however, it contains enough green tea extract to benefit from the positive effects.


coffee coffee beans

Caffeine is probably the most well-known ingredient in the metabolic formula. But what many people don't know is that caffeine also has a stimulating effect on fat burning. Especially in combination with green tea extract, this effect is further enhanced. The caffeine, which is included in the metabolic formula, is eliminated Guarana - the popular plant from the jungle.


Piperine is probably familiar to you by the term “black pepper extract" known. This ingredient is part of the pepper and is responsible for the spiciness there.

Piperine but is also known to increase the bioavailability of other nutrients. This ensures that your body can absorb the nutrients better.

piperine pepper

Piperine also speeds up metabolism. It does this by activating resting muscles. In addition, it increases fat and carbohydrate metabolism during physical activity.


The final ingredient in Jasper Caven's Metabolic Formula is Choline. Choline is mainly found in eggs, meat, tofu and cereals. Even the European Food Safety Authority confirms that Choline contributes to normal fat metabolism.

metabolism formula nutritional values

Metabolism Formula by Jasper Caven

high-quality combination of nutrients

100% Made in Germany

Proven Quality

Lactose-free, GMO-free


Dosage and intake of the metabolic formula

In order to absorb all of the nutrients in the metabolic formula from food in sufficient quantities, you would have to consume vast amounts of eggs, meat, green tea and much more every day. Losing weight would be impossible because these foods together have an incredible amount of calories.

That's why Jasper Caven has set itself the task of combining the 4 natural nutrients in a concentrated form in order to make the intake as effective as possible. Now click on the link below for more information:

Go here to the metabolism formula

In order to benefit from the metabolism boost and increased fat burning from the Metabolism formula, you need to take the dietary supplement daily for an extended period of time.

It is taken immediately after a meal together with a glass of water 3 times a day. The capsules are small and therefore particularly easy and uncomplicated to consume.

Since the capsules contain caffeine, taking them before bed might cause trouble falling asleep. It is therefore recommended not to take the last dose of the Metabolism Formula too late.

Experiences with Jasper Caven's Metabolism Formula

Jasper Caven has a special relationship with the community he has built up. Together in a large Facebook group, the members work together on their desired weight. They support and motivate each other.

Jasper Caven therefore developed the metabolism formula especially for his community and the Experiences are consistently positive. Some members have had incredible results with the Metabolism formula. For example Marion and Heike:


Feedback on Trustpilot, a key consumer review site, is also overwhelmingly positive. Users report here that they have found more energy again thanks to the metabolic formula and that they generally feel fitter and more vital. In this context, customer service is also addressed - this should be particularly courteous and helpful, so that you can feel that you are in good hands.

Especially in the cold season, the metabolic formula is the ultimate savior. Fatigue, listlessness and sluggishness are a thing of the past thanks to Jasper Caven's dietary supplement. In addition, according to numerous users, the craving for unhealthy, heavy food and digestive problems such as bloating decrease. All in all, those who have taken the metabolic formula feel healthier and more comfortable in their own skin.

Find more Experiences with Jasper Caven's metabolic formula address the side effects: there are none. The opposite is the case. Jasper Caven's metabolic formula wakes you up and keeps you fit without causing any negative side effects.

How about the delivery? Again, there is consistently positive experiences. The metabolic formula is delivered quickly and easily. And should there be any difficulties, customer service is there for you immediately.

Jasper Caven products

Once a problem has been analyzed and the real causes found, the solution is already within reach. This is exactly how he approached the topic of weight reduction as a nutritionist. With success!

In addition to the metabolic formula, Jasper Caven has two other helpful products.

Turbo metabolism system

Burn body fat under guidance? In short, Jasper Caven's Turbo Metabolism System is an online program that will help you lose weight. Not only does it provide the science-based information you need to lose weight at all, it also shows how to avoid the infamous yo-yo effect.

The video presentation gives you a first impression of your own metabolism and how you can use it to speed up the weight loss process.

There is a money-back guarantee on purchase even a guarantee of success – you have nothing to lose by the guarantees.

Metabolism treatment schedule including 84 recipes

Do you want to lose weight, detoxify or purify yourself? Then you should try the 21 day metabolism cure!

metabolism cure ebook
  • Detailed description of the metabolic cure including a schedule
  • 84 delicious metabolic cure recipes
  • Experience report and diary over the entire diet phase including recipes and weight changes
  • FAQ to avoid typical mistakes during the metabolism cure.

Find out more

The cure is guaranteed to be a success!

The cure is guaranteed to be a success!

After the purchase, you will be redirected to your personal member area where you can watch a video in which Jasper Caven explains in detail how the program works and what participants can expect.

The principle of the system is easy to understand. It's all about getting your body's metabolism back into high gear so that it burns more calories, making it easier to lose weight without problems.

A total of 5 high-quality chapters with different videos are provided for this purpose, which the participants should go through one after the other. This not only gives you knowledge of the theory, but also enables you to take action in practice.

This is positive:

  • Proper content structure.
  • You know exactly where to start.
  • Understandable explanations.
  • Lots of knowledge and information.
  • The private Facebook group.
  • The opportunity to easily integrate a healthy lifestyle into everyday life.
  • Studies are often cited as additional sources
  • Dealing with food cravings are discussed in the weight loss book

Chapter 1: The 5 step system

turbo metabolism

Here is a step-by-step video explaining how you can get your metabolism going again. as Supplement to the explanation video get another one 33-page e-book in PDF format made available so that you can read everything again at your leisure.

The 5-step system of the turbo metabolic system helps you to find a good start and takes participants practically by the hand and leads them together to weight loss success.

Chapter 2: Diet for Weight Loss:

It is a fact that you have to change your diet. In order to be able to do this without any problems, Jasper Caven gives the right understanding here.

  • how much can i eat
  • How much do I have to drink?
  • What am I allowed to eat?
  • Do I have to give up carbohydrates?

Nutritionist Jasper Caven addresses all of these questions in an approx. 50 minute seminar one, which you can easily watch in a video.

If anything is still unclear, he then answers the 21 most frequently asked questions that he had in his previous seminar Career as weight loss coach were carried out.

Chapter 3: Weight Loss Calculator + Instructions

In his previous video seminar, participants were taught how to calculate their own calorie needs. An online weight loss calculator is provided so that you don't have to work around with pen, paper and calculator.

Simply entering your personal data about your height, weight, age and gender will automatically determine your personal calorie needs.

It even shows you how many calories you should eat to lose weight. How the weight loss calculator works:

turbo metabolism how it works

Chapter 4: The Hunger Metabolism E-Book

In addition to the system, you get the bestseller from nutritionist Jasper Caven. Here participants can expect the largest and most comprehensive section of the turbo-metabolic system - the e-book "Hunger metabolism: get out of the weight loss trap".

Once you understand what starvation metabolism is all about, you'll be able to really relate to Jasper Caven's tips and tricks. Also the Implementation is not difficult, because you don't have to do without anything and his insulin level is always about the same.

Unlike other diets, you don't feel cravings or hunger pangs. Thanks to the balanced and, above all, sufficient diet, you don't feel the urge to indulge in unhealthy snacks or sugary drinks in between.

In the long term, a fattening yo-yo effect can be almost completely ruled out, as there are only a few things to consider that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

The motivation doesn't fall by the wayside either. The second part deals with the so-called "nutritional psychology“. When it comes to dieting, it is important to stay on the ball in the long term. It will be discussed how to manage to integrate everything newly learned into my everyday life without any problems.

Chapter 5: Training Area

In addition to nutrition, training also plays an important role. In the training area, short but crisp home workouts are provided, which Jasper Caven carries out himself.

In the event that training takes place in a gym, he has also a training plan for the gym provided. So the plans are very flexible and you can choose where you train. As in the previous chapters, you don't just get that here video presentation, but also everything in writing for further reading with more detailed information.

Bonus chapter: The Facebook group

If you still have questions about the weight loss system or lack the motivation to continue in a weak moment, this will help you Jasper Caven's private Facebook group. Tens of thousands are already using this group and are successfully linked to the author. Positive is the feedback from the community, who are really concerned about the unhealthy diet of participants.

In the group are ordinary people. You chose that Metabolism formula registered and want to lose weight and look good in the long term. It will mutually motivated, achievements and Experiences are exchanged. The perfect place to motivate yourself and others.

Hunger metabolism: The e-book

Many know the successful one weight loss coach already from his numerous YouTube videos on the topics of nutrition, exercise and weight reduction. Since he has made it his life's work to help as many people as possible Decrease To help, he has published a book - which he is even giving away for a short period of time.

starvation metabolism desktop
Starvation Metabolism by Jasper Caven
hunger metabolism mobile
Starvation Metabolism by Jasper Caven

Do you want to lose weight successfully, not count kcal and then not suffer the yo-yo effect?
After a successful diet, frustration and despair follow: Because the yo-yo effect has struck. The world's best diet is of no use if you go back to normal after a diet and put on the pounds again.

In order to escape this weight loss trap, you should optimize your own starvation metabolism in such a way that you burn off numerous kilos without exercising. You can find out how to successfully master this in this free paperback:

If you want to lose weight, you have to take in fewer calories than you use up or, from a sporting point of view, use up more calories than you take in. The calorie consumption is made up of two components:

  • the basal metabolic rate, the calorie consumption at rest
  • and daily calorie consumption from exercise

If you reduce your calorie intake too much during a diet, after a while you will get into starvation metabolism. There should be no starvation when eating. The energy requirement must be adjusted to the weight and activities.
In medical terms, the body goes into a state of malnutrition due to a lack of food catabolic (degrading) metabolic state. This is the starvation metabolism.

The book contains:

  • High quality hard cover
  • Expert knowledge that fills days with knowledge
  • Lose weight without cravings or giving up calories
  • Step-by-step instructions to lose weight without much energy
  • Very good paper quality
  • Optimally have vitamins, protein and amino acids
  • It explains how the body processes energy and thus regulates weight
  • The optimal energy consumption to burn fat and prevent malnutrition

Metabolic formula alternative: ICG fat burner

A frequently mentioned alternative to Jasper Caven's metabolic formula is the ICG fat burner from Estonia. The manufacturer created the product primarily to combat obesity. Here, too, a yo-yo effect should be prevented - similar to the metabolic formula.

On a positive note, the ICG Fatburner is vegan, largely free of side effects and completely plant-based. The main ingredient is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is an active ingredient found in tamarind. It is also used in Ayurveda and is a popular spice and remedy in India and Thailand.

The capsules are intended for anyone who wants to make a targeted change in diet in order to lose weight in the process. Thus, the ICG fat burner is not the sole remedy for overweight or a feeling of fullness, but, like the metabolic formula, offers support during a diet.


Who is Jasper Caven anyway?

Jasper Caven explains in his Presentationthat he is a qualified nutritionist and lecturer in sports nutrition. In addition to his YouTube channel with numerous subscribers, he has also become known throughout Germany through television appearances on Spiegel TV and n-tv.

According to his own statement, he has been successfully dealing with the topics for more than 10 years Diet and body fat reduction and has helped many people lose weight. Now he is one of the most famous nutritionists. Jasper Caven did not go through with this success new types of diet or fasting methods deserved, but with the simple examination of the human metabolism.

Due to the yo-yo effect and the excessive losses in everyday social life, he doesn't think much of short-term diets. Therefore, in his books and articles, he proposes a long-term change in diet that will not only help you reach your goal, but also keep it. He explains that his Weight loss strategies based on scientific researchnions and therefore function without diet pills and without having to starve.

Weight loss coaches and experts are also enthusiastic about his strategy, as it leads to a healthy body awareness and a increased feeling of hunger/fullness contributes.

How serious is the metabolic formula?

The metabolic formula is a herbal dietary supplement. Many users could already great Experiences do with the product, others have not felt any effects after taking the preparation. Nevertheless, the feedback is mostly positive.

How to take Jasper Caven's Metabolic Formula?

Regular intake of the metabolic formula is the be-all and end-all. You should take one capsule daily in the morning, at noon and in the evening with sufficient water. It is recommended to take it after a meal.

What are the capsules from Jasper Caven

The metabolic formula boosts natural fat burning and thus the metabolism. This prevents food cravings and makes it easier to achieve the goal of losing weight. In addition, a lively metabolism helps against sluggishness and tiredness, so that the capsules make you fit and awake.


The Metabolism Formula is a high-quality and 100% natural dietary supplement.

The slimming effect is through numerous Testimonials confirmed by the Facebook group and many studies. It can speed up the metabolism and increase the body's own fat burning. This will make it easier for you to reach your desired weight.

However, care should be taken when the high-quality capsules are taken. Green tea extract should not be taken on an empty stomach, which is why you should have eaten something before taking it. In addition, it should not be taken late in the evening, as caffeine is present in the dietary supplement

However, if you follow the recommended intake, you can strike with a good heart and finally start your fight against the kilos.

Metabolism Formula by Jasper Caven

high-quality combination of nutrients

100% Made in Germany

Proven Quality

Lactose-free, GMO-free


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