Performance improvement - 6 tips on how to get the best out of yourself!

The Increase Performance, that's always an issue these days. Regardless of whether performance increase at sport or at work, at university or at school – the Increasing brain power is possible in many ways. You only have to know how.

If you want to increase your performance, you usually want yours at the same time Increase concentration. performance increase and Increased concentration gehen hand in hand and are more important than ever in times of higher demands in the world of work and study. But who is and remains efficient, can complete its task to the fullest satisfaction. The desire for "miracle cures"that the Increase brain power, is consistently high.

In Germany, in the first quarter of this year, 1,8 million people stated that they used over-the-counter drugs to increase concentration and performance. Many also grab it performance-enhancing drugsthat are not legal. Sports nutrition, fortified foods, caffeine and doping substances supposedly help to increase brain performance and more power.

BRFAINEFFECT FOCUS helps to achieve a natural increase in performance and concentration.

How can you get on increase performance naturally? Can you Increase brain power with homeopathy? Can you Increase brain power with plants? What role does the Performance increase sport actually? Can you Increase performance with medication or tablets like BRAIN EFFECT FOCUS? Last but not least: What benefit and what risk recover these legal stimulants?

What is efficiency?

One understands under the capacity the requirement or the possibility of a Working on a task in a concentrated manner over a longer period of time. A distinction is also made between the mental and physical performance. Basically the capacity different for every person and therefore difficult to compare. Because a high level of performance is required in almost every job, increasing performance is becoming more and more important.

What influences our performance?

Unfortunately, there are far too many these days Factors that negatively affect our performance: We are constantly distracted by external factors such as a noisy open-plan office, bright lights or noises made by cell phones. But physical factors can also be the cause of poor performance: sleep disorders, low blood pressure, circulatory disorders, depression or dementia, to name just a few examples. dampen our performance. But there can also be "banal" things behind it, such as personal problems, a bad one Nutrition or too little exercise.

Do you want to increase your performance? Here you will find 7 tips and tricks on how to naturally optimize your performance and concentration.

Tip 1: balanced diet and sufficient liquid

Eating as doping – can this work? yes it can In fact, you can Increase brain power - vegetable for example. That starts with them carbohydrates even if they are unfortunately still frowned upon. but without carbohydrates, performance decreases over time. But it has to be about high quality carbohydrates act, from whole grain products, oat flakes and fruits for example, but not from white flour products and sugar.

Nuts are a popular snack between meals and contain healthy fats and high-quality protein

That is also important regular drinking, A optimal performance can only be achieved in sport if enough liquid is supplied. Improving performance for body and mind is also a question of drinking. And something else is important: sufficient Recording of high quality proteins. By the way, this is a must not necessarily proteins of animal origin be, on the contrary Vegetable proteins are sometimes even healthier and just as effective. One Performance increase in sports lets through enough proteins so in any case have a positive influence.

Brain performance is also enhanced with nuts possible. In order to work efficiently, our brain needs a lot of energy. To be precise, it consumes a whopping 20% ​​of all the energy we put into our bodies. A very considerable amount that is necessary to increase brain performance. Especially the healthy omega 3 fatty acids, but also secondary plant substances like carotene and the Vitamins B, E and C are essential for the brain.

Real brain food that helps to increase the performance of the body and brain is brown rice, root vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, mineral water, millet, pears, carrots, salmon, amaranth, beetroot and linseed oil.

balanced diet without fast food, with few finished products and meat is in any case ideal for increasing concentration and for a lot of power and endurance at work and in your free time. On the other hand, anyone who thinks that they can hype themselves up permanently with nicotine is wrong. Although nicotine actually acts as a real pick-me-up in the short term, it does not have a long-term effect, quite the opposite. It's better on pflanzlich to Superfoods or performance enhancement tablets like FOCUS from BRAINEFFECT.

Tip 2: Increase performance with tablets and superfoods

Performance enhancing tablets and superfoods are literally on everyone's lips. Why not? The thought of simply taking a pill and getting better at work or in sports without any side effects is extremely tempting. “It’s all humbug” is what most people think. There can be no such thing. Or? Not even close.

The Increase brain power with pills it's not that far-fetched. It depends on the ingredients. Means for mental performance enhancement enjoy great popularity, especially when they of natural and vegetable origin are, as is the case, for example, with Nootropics the case is. The brain booster FOCUS contains an innovative active ingredient formula made from brahmi, Ginkgo and citicoline. The product is vegan, which means it does not contain any animal ingredients. It is made in Germany and contains no sugar or sweeteners, but also no caffeine. It has a high bioavailability, which ensures that the substances are quickly and well absorbed in the body.

Tip 3: Run and exercise

Who his Increase running performance should do one thing above all: enjoy running. Only with that right attitude there is also an increase in performance. For more efficiency during running training variety for example in terms of distance and speed. In order to increase performance, however, is also the right equipment is crucial. Well-fitting running shoes and functional clothing are practically mandatory.

In order to improve mileage, it makes sense to to set goals. Only then can you say after a certain period of time: "I have achieved exactly what I set out to do". A training plan that includes the training period, the number of training units and rest breaks is helpful. Increasing performance when running is most likely possible with 3 training days per week (5). It is best to start running training in the daily routine, preferably even in the morning routine to include.

Motivation and fun are the basic requirements for more success. A training plan and a varied, regular training effectively contribute to an increase in performance in sports.

Tip 4: concentration exercises

Do you need to Brain power increase tablets? Not necessarily. the Increase brain power with exercises is also a popular variant. memory and concentration exercises allow that Concentration permanent to keep it at a high level. Schooling your brain every now and then can work wonders when your ability to concentrate wanes. Highly recommended are sudokus or concentration exercises apps, which are quickly loaded onto the mobile phone and can be called up or used at any time.

Tip 5: Eliminate disruptive factors

Furthermore, the Workplace be set up so that it not too many disruptive factors there: if in doubt, the telephone must be switched off. If you are very distracted by the noise around you, you can use headphones to shield yourself. Also a tidy desk helps to increase performance.

Tip 6: Take breaks

Last but not least, it is always recommended regular breaks and power naps to plan for when we have to work in a highly concentrated manner. In addition to power naps also help relaxation exercises to increase your own performance. The body slows down and the head can switch off for a moment and then start with fresh energy. It is perfect for this autogenic training or Meditation.

The brain booster FOCUS works quickly and effectively and without any chemical agents

At the end...

Increase brain power with tablets such as herbal ones Nootropics is possible. If you want to do even more to increase your performance, you can also do special exercises such as meditation exercises instead of performance-enhancing drugs such as BRAINEFFECT FOCUS and should also pay attention to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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