Infection detection through corona tests

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In times of a rapidly increasing 7-day incidence and a parallel influenza and epidemic can be quite a difficult one Infektion with the Sars-CoV-2 or Covid 19 virus.

However, it is well known from science that rapid and unequivocal infection detection is particularly important in order to achieve far-reaching chains of infection to avoid or prevent.

Because that's the only way she can increasing incidence be avoided. Everyone is required to act quickly and responsibly at this point. Better to test one too many times and be on the safe side.

Because not only that Risks of infection, but also the consequential damage is very high. Long Covid is playing an increasingly present role in the most diverse age groups.

Rapid antigen test

This problem of uncertainty so-called rapid antigen tests can help. In concrete terms, this is a test in which a swab of the nasal mucous membranes is examined for an endogenous antigen.

Typically, this antigen is the body's immune reaction to an infection with the Covid 19 virus and is therefore an indicator of an existing or acute infection. These corona antigen rapid tests are characterized above all by a quick result, which is usually available after 15 minutes and can provide information about the infectivity of a person.

Another benefit is that Easy to use. The detailed explanation in words and with pictures makes it just as easy to use for laypersons as it is for professional staff. Both children and adults can benefit from this.

The quick test to take at home is always just a snapshot. This means that if you still have a negative result in the morning, this does not have to be the case in the evening. However, already this one can Snapshot do a lot to contain the pandemic.

The accuracy of a rapid test is not comparable to a PCR test. Here, only the protein in the saliva or the mucous membrane is used as the basis for the Final Words used. In addition, the rapid test depends on the precise implementation.

Buy corona test

But where can you get one Buy corona test? There are numerous providers here, although the following distinction must be made beforehand: A rapid test can either be carried out in an authorized Test station be carried out by trained medical staff or at home in your own four walls.

A test in an official test station comes with an official test certificate, which, among other things, is for visiting public facilities, restaurants or similar may be required.

A self-test at home does not offer this advantage, although a possible infection can be detected or ruled out in this way. Since the abolition of free quick tests at test stations and a price collection of 3,00 euros per test, it is still convincing to carry out cheaper tests on your own.

Corona tests can next pharmacies and supermarkets especially ordered and bought on the Internet. Whereas in supermarkets and pharmacies a unit price of between EUR 1,50 and EUR 3,00 is customary, similar tests can be ordered on the Internet from as little as EUR 0,60.

It should be noted, however, that it is then bulk packs, that is usually at least 25 pieces. For people who want to test themselves regularly at home, this seems to be quite attractive.

However, for people who only want a single test clarification of an acute clinical picture, ordering a pack of 25 tests should not be an option.

big event
in night club. big concert.

companies and major events

Unlike for individuals, the large packs of the rapid corona test are suitable for companies, businesses or organizers of Major events quite interesting. In order to keep the risk of infection at the workplace as low as possible and at the same time to control it as closely as possible without having to restrict the individual employee extensively, we can for the entire workforce Quick test to provide.

In concrete terms, for example, in the entrance area of ​​the company or at the major event, a kind of stand with a sufficient number of Corona tests to be erected. Before the individual enters the premises, a negative result must be awaited.

If, on the other hand, there is a positive result, the person can isolate themselves immediately and subsequently does not endanger any other employees or visitors. From this perspective, it seems particularly interesting for companies and event organizers to use bulk packs of Corona antigen rapid tests to buy, especially since with a correspondingly high number of orders the unit price is far below the retail unit prices.

A corona test can also curb Long Covid

In addition to current incidence figures, the contagion and the acute limitations during the infection one should also not ignore the consequential damage. In the meantime, courses in many people have been significantly alleviated by the vaccinations.

However, there are always cases that not only have a severe course, but also immense ones consequential damages entail. This is called Long Covid and has been affecting more and more people in recent years and months. This virus should by no means be underestimated

The possible symptoms are varied. In any case, however, it is a matter of health Impairmentsthat need to be treated. However, these are often not blamed on Corona and the infection.

This can be, for example, a persistent fatigue, rapid exhaustion or concentration disorders. Many patients also report constant irritability or depression or anxiety disorders.

So it's not always the obvious factors like, for example shortness of breath, heavy breathing or the cough, which give an indication of the Long Covid disease. Fever and insomnia and anything else that is unusual should be investigated as soon as possible.

In summary, should the symptoms not have subsided after 4 weeks or occur after more than 12 weeks new and inexplicable symptoms appear after infection, then you are a Long Covid patient.

Risk factors for suffering from this disease are also present. Most Long Covid patients are between the ages of 15 and 45. Often are already chronic Pre-existing illness present.

Severe disease progression from Corona favor of course, the fact that there would still be immense consequential damage later on. The easier the course, the lower the risk. The last few months have also shown that women are significantly more likely to long covid suffer than men.


Basically, quick tests are a very good option for the Containment and detecting the virus. Of course, they only provide a minimal level of security, but this is already a big step in the right direction.

A quick test is perfect for students who are among many people every day. Also before one Event or a trip, the tests in your own four walls can be very good.

For people who only need a single test, it is advisable to either go to an official test station or to buy a corresponding test in the supermarket. For companies and organizers of major events, the bulk packs sometimes be the means of choice at significantly reduced unit prices.

However, if you want one care facility or to the hospital, you have to go to an official test station. With a corresponding receipt, the costs for this will not be incurred in many federal states.

However, the quick tests at the stations are more accurate than at home. In addition, the samples from trained staff carried out. So you have a little more security here and, above all, certainty.

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