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immortelle oil flower immortelle

immortelle oil is obtained from the flower of the same name and is used for various ailments. Translated, Immortelle means "the immortal". Even if it doesn't really provide eternal life, of course, it can Relief from pain contribute and promote mental well-being.

In contrast to many other oils, the external use of immortelle oil is considered harmless in terms of side effects such as skin irritation. Here you can find out what makes immortelle oil so special.

What is immortelle oil?

The oil of the immortelle is a natural essential oil from the yellow helichrysum, which is known for its special ingredients. It mainly comes in Mediterranean off and on some Greek islands of the north Aegean. It thrives particularly well in dry places with stony or sandy soil and needs a lot of sun. The scent of the immortelle leaves is reminiscent of curry, which has given it the name 'curry herb'. It is an evergreen semi-shrub and is easily recognizable by its many small yellow flowers.

How does immortelle oil work in the body?

The application of immortelle oil is very broad. It can produce both mental and physical effects. It is also said to help heal certain diseases. In various specialty shops you can Buy essential oils, including immortelle oil.

Psychic Effect

Mental illnesses are often characterized by symptoms such as stress, exhaustion and nervousness. It can also cause anxiety and cramps. In the immortelle oil is Italidion, which for a balancing and relaxing effect can take care of. In addition to therapy or taking medication, immortelle oil is also able to have a supportive effect on mental illnesses.

physical effect

Immortelle oil is also known for its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. Due to the unique chemical composition Curcumen, monoterpenes such as limonene, monoterpene alcohols, Arzanol and neryl acetate it also has one antiseptic effect.

Neryl acetate is responsible for the typical smell of the medicinal plant. This ensures a high release of in the body endorphin and serotonin and is often used in aromatherapy to treat chronic pain. The immortelle can be used against many types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. According to scientists at the University of Tübingen, the ingredient Arzanol should even be in the Biosynthesis of HIV-1 viruses intervention.

Depending on the soil and climatic conditions in which the plant has grown, the proportions of the active ingredients can vary.

For which complaints can immortelle oil work?

immortelle oil flower

Immortelle oil can be used in various ailments positive effect achieve in the body. Before use, however, you should consult a doctor as a precaution in order to be able to rule out possible risks. It is also important not to rely solely on the healing effect of immortelle for many diseases, as there are often others medication or medical treatment are necessary to bring about long-term healing processes.

hematoma and thrombosis

Italidion is for that rapid hematoma breakdown responsible, because it has a haemolytic effect. This means that it can break down red blood cells, thereby stimulating the flow of lymph and the Regeneration of damaged tissue is favored. Immortelle oil is also considered anti-inflammatory, which can speed up the healing process.

rheumatism and arthritis

Arzanol has one anti-inflammatory and analgesic Effect because it prevents the production of prostaglandins. These tissue hormones are responsible for the development of pain and inflammation. In arthritis and rheumatism, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often used, which act on the same principle as Arzanol as inhibitors of the enzymes COX and 5-LOX. These are for the Prostaglandin Synthesis responsible.

Bacterial Infections

The ingredients of immortelle also have an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect cough, bronchitis or a sinus infection. Italidion has an additional expectorant effect.

effect on the skin

Immortelle oil is becoming increasingly common in the cosmetics industry used because it can have a positive effect on acne and other skin blemishes. Also the aging of the skin is thereby possible. The result: fewer annoying wrinkles! Immortelle oil is also used for minor burns and sunburn. The skin-regenerating and anti-inflammatory active ingredients of the plant often have a positive effect on the healing process acute burns and sunburn. Also for them Follow-up treatment of burns it will be applied.


immortelle oil for stomach scars

Italidion accelerates the wound healing process, which can prevent the formation of scars. It is also ideal for the regression of existing scars. The combination of immortelle and wild rose oil is recommended for scar treatment.

There are also numerous other areas of application for immortelle oil:

  • Bruises
  • wound healing
  • Couperose
  • sprain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sciatica
  • sprains
  • Signs of aging
  • Sonnenbrand

How to use immortelle oil?

Depending on the clinical picture and the symptoms that occur, immortelle oil can be used in different ways. If you suffer from bronchitis or a sinus infection, Infusion of previously dried flowers the Immortelle recommended. This is inhaled through the mouth and nose.

Immortelle oil is primarily intended for external use and also works undiluted not irritating to the skin. For injuries and burns, it can therefore be applied pure. If the treatment is to be longer, a mixture diluted with water recommended. Here are a few ways to promote the healing effects of immortelle in the body:

  • Treatment of injuries, for example through sports: Rubs of immortelle oil combined with almond or olive oil.
  • injuries and skin diseases: Compresses soaked with a solution of 20 drops of essential oil in 250 ml of water or immortelle tea.
  • General malaise (mental): Put immortelle oil in a diffuser or aroma lamp and inhale the steam, add to the bath water or use as a massage oil.
  • Skin care and acne: Mix immortelle oil with healing clay and apply as a face mask, with 2 drops of the oil being sufficient.
  • Cough: Mix 3 drops of immortelle oil into a chest oil for cough (ideally with angelica oil or cedarwood oil)
  • Stimulate bile production and liver: Soak a towel with 3 drops of oil and 2 liters of non-boiling water and lay it on your stomach

Attention: You should not eat the flowers or other parts of the plant pure, as this can cause stomach cramps.

Production of immortelle oil

The preparation of the healing oil is done by a Steam distillation from the flowers and the whole flowering herb and takes about 3 hours. The price of immortelle oil is comparatively high. This is because it takes about half a ton of the herb to get just one liter of oil.


Immortelle oil can promote healing and relieve pain associated with mental and physical ailments. Properly used, it is a great adjunct to prescribed medications and therapies. When used externally, it does not irritate the skin. Because of this, it works well in massage, as well as in rubs and compresses.

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