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sustainable fashion white sweater plant
sustainable fashion white sweater plant

The trend of buying used clothing has increased noticeably in recent years. Sales platforms such as B. momox fashion or small second-hand shops benefit from this sustainable trend.

Second-hand fashion is becoming more and more popular and even various fashion brands are now producing new fashion from used clothing. That's a good thing, because far too often people buy new, never wear them and end up throwing them away. Second-hand fashion is a good alternative solution in the long run, but it should be noted that Second hand not always sustainable is. But why is that?

The purchase offer for sustainably produced clothing is becoming ever broader. Whether at flea markets, via the Internet or in second-hand shops. There is a huge variety of ways to buy or sell clothes.

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What is second-hand clothing made of?

In today's world, second-hand clothes are often from fast-fashion brands such as B.H&M. And in order to sell fast fashion clothes as cheaply as possible, they are mainly produced from polyester.

However, polyester fibers, or rather microplastics, get into our waters when we wash our clothes and pollute our environment. materials such as B. Cotton are much more environmentally friendly, which is why we should avoid polyester and use natural materials in the second-hand sector.

Where does second-hand clothing come from?

Clothing that has already been passed on and worn from generation to generation is the most sustainable, because it is precisely these garments that conserve our resources. Since they have already gone through the manufacturing process, no new production effort is required here. Often these garments are made of durable and quality material.

But in addition to small second-hand shops, there are now also a large number of large shops that sell used clothing. However, purchases from individuals, as is the case in smaller shops, tend not to take place here. Is it then still sustainable if new items of clothing are resold by fast fashion brands? Rather not. Because this also increases the demand for purchases in the shops, so that fast fashion fashion continues to be produced. Nevertheless, it is better to buy used fast fashion clothes as well.

Is second-hand consumption sustainable?

Second-hand clothing has become a real fashion trend and the cliché that used clothing is out of fashion was shelved. Whether in second-hand shops or on online platforms, the selection is huge and there is a high risk of falling into a spending spree. The risk is particularly high online, since in the end one or two too many items of clothing end up in the shopping cart. Is this consumption then still sustainable?

Yes, of course it's good to recycle clothes that have already been produced. However, it is also possible that when demand increases, supply will also increase. Many items of clothing from fast fashion brands, some of which have never been worn, continue to be sold on online platforms. This in turn ensures that fast fashion continues to be diligently produced and purchased. Of course, shops can only sell what people are willing to give away, so there is a limited number of items of clothing. Here we do not produce on demand, but only offer what is available.

Why is it still good to buy second-hand?

Second-hand fashion is a good, sustainable alternative. The clothing saves resources because it has already gone through the entire process from raw materials to production, packaging and transport. Sustainably produced clothing is therefore better for the environment. Less new clothing is being produced and since second-hand clothing is usually sold unpackaged, no new packaging material will be needed here either.

With second-hand clothing, the customer even receives better quality. Fast fashion clothes are made of cheap material like polyester, which significantly lowers the quality of the product. The item of clothing quickly no longer looks nice, it is thrown away, bought again and thus consumption increases again.

Garments made of valuable material are more durable and retain their quality even after several years. In addition, the Individuality a whole new status, since most used items are unique. Second-hand fashion is a great way for individualists to escape the current fashion trend.

Conclusion on the sustainability of second-hand fashion

This article is intended to draw attention to important details that are important when buying used clothing, because even in the second-hand sector not everything that glitters is gold. But one thing is very clear:

It definitely makes sense to resell clothes you no longer need.

Online sales platforms or small second-hand shops are recommended for this. This makes it clear to the customer where the items come from and what material they are made of. It also makes sense to use clothing that has already been produced sustainably and fairly.

In the long term, of course, not only a rethinking of sustainably produced clothing is necessary, but also in general sustainable products in our everyday life

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