What helps against impure skin?

woman impure skin comparison
woman impure skin comparison

Pimples, blackheads or redness, who regularly suffers from impure skin, is limited in his quality of life. You feel uncomfortable and therefore approach people with less confidence. There is impure skin no question of age.

Even during puberty, which is often plagued by acne, many people struggle with skin impurities. Luckily, you don't have to accept this condition easily. There are a number of ways that can assist you in becoming one clearer complexion to get. But first it is important to Causes to recognize which ones are responsible for the appearance of your skin.

Recognize the causes of impure skin

In most cases, impure skin lasts until about an age early twenties quite normal and often due to hormonal changes during puberty. If the appearance of your own skin does not noticeably improve beyond this phase of life, other causes must be considered.

The own lifestyle is of immense importance. Anyone who eats an unbalanced diet, does little exercise in the fresh air, does no sport and also consumes large quantities of alcohol, nicotine or caffeine will usually be plagued more often by impure skin. Persistent emotional stress can also have a negative effect on your own skin. Stress not only affects the mind, but also the Top.

In the course of life, women in particular enter another phase of life that promotes the formation of impure skin. From the age of about 30 years, the Estrogen production slowly but surely. Estrogen has a positive effect on the complexion. Is it now due to the hormone decrease to hormonal fluctuations, the skin inevitably reacts. The situation is similar when taking the birth control pill. At the beginning of the intake, quite a few women often complain about a worsened complexion, which, however, improves over time. If the pill is taken irregularly or changed frequently, the result is a lasting one hormone fluctuation with the result of impure skin.

In any case, you should heed these points, since a long-term improvement in your skin's appearance will only be possible if you tackle the causes and don't simply rely on the use of remedies.

What helps against impure skin?

As different as people are, so are their skin types. So it's about making a first step realistic picture of your blemishes. Take a close look at how strong you are Pimple, blackheads or redness of the skin are pronounced. Do you rather have one oily or combination skin? These questions are important because different skin types require different care. In a further step, you should then consider which ones to use Means you in skin care want to proceed. Should it home remedies or Natural cosmetics be?

Home remedies and natural cosmetics for impure skin

human nature together

Blemishes are not just a phenomenon of our time. Although our skin is negatively influenced by a wide range of preserved foods, chemical food additives and a faster and therefore stressed society, but also our ancestors already had to do with impure skin. This is an advantage because people have been able to try different anti-blemish remedies for many years and come up with results which Means help and which don't. The difference between home remedies and natural cosmetics is negligible. It is the home remedies that, due to their gentle effect, are often found later in natural cosmetics as the main active ingredient.

Zinc: disinfectant and purifying

It is similar with zinc ointment. This is also easy to use and can significantly improve your complexion. through the disinfecting The effect of the zinc oxide is primarily to free your pores of bacteria, so that your skin can regenerate and become cleaner. However, it should be added that zinc ointment is yours dry skin can. Therefore, you should use a pH-neutral face or body cream (depending on the skin region) after each application.

Healing clay: cleansing and anti-inflammatory

First and foremost is here Healing earth to call. Healing earth is a mineral powder that you can mix with water to form a kind of paste. This paste is then evenly applied to the blemished skin. The result can be particularly convincing if you have a very oily skin have. Because healing earth applied to the skin has a degreasing effect, cleans the pores from sebum and other dirt and also has a anti-inflammatory effect.

If you would rather do without healing earth and zinc ointment because your skin is very sensitive or because they just don't appeal to you, it's worth taking a look at the world of plants. Because here you will be helped in the most gentle way in the treatment of impure skin.

Aloe Vera: cooling and well tolerated

Aloe vera is not included in numerous skin care products for nothing. More precisely, the gel from the water storage tissue of the aloe leaves is in them. Depending on the quality of the product in the purest possible form. The advantage of the gel is that it can be used by almost all skin types well tolerated it cleans your skin pores and provides the skin with the additional liquid it needs. You are applied to the skin by the cooling effect of the gel noticed a quick relief on inflamed areas. Aloe vera is available in the form of gels, creams, face masks and tonics. However, it is recommended to apply the pure gel to the skin if possible, since the healing effect the biggest is.

Chamomile: disinfecting and gentle

But sometimes it is enough to look in your kitchen cupboard to find an effective remedy for blemished skin. Camille acts disinfectant and refines the skin texture. Chamomile tea is excellent for this to tackle pimples. dab yours Pimple simply with a cooled chamomile tea bag. After a few days, the inflammation should subside or disappear completely. You can also find chamomile in many skin creams that can help your skin with the necessary Moisturizer and to prevent impurities from developing in the first place.

If in doubt go to the doctor

skin blemishes doctor visit

As already mentioned above, impure skin cannot be permanently controlled by means alone, which is why home remedies and Natural cosmetics should always be considered before chemical agents whenever possible. Only when you approach the matter holistically and eliminate the triggering causes will you become the desired one with the use of the remedies mentioned and regular skin care with water and skin-friendly soap Success reach.

With all the options, however, it should never be disregarded that one longer persistent skin imperfections represents an injury to the skin and should always be examined by a specialist if in doubt.

Successfully remove pimples

In most people, in the course of puberty pimples for the first time. However, the unsightly blackheads are anything but popular. Many adults also suffer more and more from pimples. Nevertheless, these do not have to be accepted. After we have already given you tips on Intimate shaving without pimples have given, we will show you today best tricks of to remove pimples.

Squeezing pimples: The most well-known method

As soon as pimples appear, many people use a simple and quick method: the squeeze pimple. This ensures that the pus that has accumulated in the pimples comes out and is removed. Although the method is used by almost every person who has ever had a pimple, it is not the optimal solution.

There with the expressions bacteria of the fingers get into the pores, they can also become inflamed, which means that the pimple sometimes only regresses extremely stubbornly. Squeezing is therefore just a simple solution to minimize pimples, which still take days to resolve.

Effective home remedies for pimples

pimple medium

To remove pimples without squeezing, there are various methods and means. A majority of im resources available from specialist retailers helps either only at the beginning or not at all against the blackheads. There is also a risk that, due to the chemicals contained in the products, the pimples will receive an optimal breeding ground and thus multiply even more.

Healing Tea Tree Oil

There are several home remedies to prevent this. One of the best home remedies for pimples is Tea tree oil. The essential oil contains anti-inflammatory and wound-healing active ingredients, making it ideal for fighting pimples. The oil is available in numerous forms, for example in stick form, in health food stores, drugstores or pharmacists.

Apple cider vinegar aka facial toner

On the other hand, apple cider vinegar, which is also an ideal product, ensures beautiful skin Home remedies for greasy hair is. In diluted form, the Apple Cider Vinegarthat the skin is able to stabilize its natural pH value. At the same time, diluted apple cider vinegar becomes astringent, causing the pores of the skin to contract. At the same time, the vinegar promotes blood circulation, which means that the respective body regions are better supplied with blood.

To fight pimples with apple cider vinegar, one is enough small amount of the means. A few drops of vinegar are mixed with enough water. The mixing ratio should be 1:4. The mixture must then be dabbed directly onto the affected area with a cotton pad or a clean cloth. The apple cider vinegar absorbs into the skin, causing it to have effects similar to those of a face tonic. In addition, the usually unpleasant, typical smell of vinegar disappears.

Oh dear honey!

Auch Honey is ideal for use on pimples. The natural sweetener also has wound healing and anti-inflammatory Components, so honey is often used for diseases or as a remedy against yellowness is used. If people want to fight their pimples with honey, daily consumption of honey is usually sufficient.

Successfully prevent pimples

prevent pimples

So that no means are needed to remove pimples in the first place, those affected should ensure adequate prevention. Pimples can be successfully prevented if the hands off be held by the face. As already mentioned, the bacteria on your fingers provide the perfect breeding ground for pimples.

Pimples that are not "whiteheaded" and therefore not visibly filled with pus should never be pressed. This is especially true for pimples under the skin since the bacteria of the skin for bad inflammation can take care of. Sharp edges are also capable of injuring the skin, so in some cases even Scar stay behind. At the same time, the healing process is extended from about four days to three to four times.

Auch facial scrubs should occur when Pimples be avoided. Peelings generally enable a beautiful, even complexion, as they remove old skin cells and allow the sebum to drain out of the pores more effectively. However, if pimples are peeled, this causes the bacteria spread faster on the skin. As a result, further inflammation usually occurs, which can lead to persistent Pimple to care.

Wouldn't those affected still want to go on a beautiful complexion If you do without, you should use gentle gels or a cleansing foam and finish your facial care with a skin disinfectant.


Popping Pimples - Helpful or Harmful?

They look ugly, often hurt and disturb the general feeling. In most cases, pimples are not harmful to health, but you still want them duration of the pimple keep it as short as possible. To do this, many people pop their pimples by draining the pus cavity of the pimple with pressure. But does this actually lead to the desired result?

Pop pimples, right?

In general, unfortunately, no general statement can be made here about squeezing pimples. There are some places on the face where pimples should never be squeezed due to the increased risk of infection. But there are also places where squeezing a pimple is a very useful way to quickly get rid of the uninvited guest on your face. These include, for example, the cheeks, forehead or chin. However, you should observe certain rules that will be discussed in more detail in the following sections.

The taboo zones for expressing include pimples on the upper lip, on the bridge of the nose and also the area between the eyes. The reason is that many blood vessels run relatively superficially here, so that bacteria may get into the blood vessels when you squeeze them and thus trigger further inflammation. In the worst case, the bacteria migrate in the direction of the already neighboring brain and could trigger meningitis there. Of course, these are rare isolated cases, but you should not take this risk.

Squeeze pimples on face correctly

Once you've found a pimple that's good to pop, there are a few things to keep in mind. A basic requirement is that the pimple is ready to be squeezed, i.e. the pus cavity is on the surface of the skin. In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, hygienic precautions are taken above all. On the one hand, the skin surrounding the pimple should be disinfected and cleaned. Any traces of make-up should also be removed. On the other hand, you should wash your hands with soap and ideally disinfect them before you squeeze them.

To open the pimple, you should use a sterile needle as a "tool", which you can get in the pharmacy, for example. Now you can empty the pimple as far as possible from bottom to top and to all sides by pressing your fingers. Stop squeezing as soon as clear liquid or blood comes out. Afterwards, you should take good care of your stressed skin, clean it and refrain from wearing make-up for the time being.

pimples on your face not only look ugly here you will find tips on how to squeeze pimples correctly and when you should stop

The underground pimple

One type of pimple that you must not pop is the underground pimple. These are small bumps that lie under the skin where the blocked sebum lies deeper in the tissue than normal Pimple. Since there is an increased risk of infection here and nerve fibers can also be injured due to the deeper tissue, expressing is not an option here.

Prevention against pimples

In the end, for clear and healthy skin on your face, it is better to work preventively against pimples than to pop them out again and again. This also reduces the risk of unsightly scars. Regular cleaning of the face in the morning and in the evening with water can make a difference. Ideally, you should also use a well-tolerated cleansing product in the evening, which removes the skin flakes that have accumulated during the day and thus keeps the pores free.

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