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Effective cardio training

Cardio training is an effective fitness program that not only improves fitness, but also contributes to heart health. Cardio training is also beneficial for lung activity and circulation.

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Whole body training & fitness for beginners and advanced

The full body workout is ideal for people who are just starting out in the sport. It is a form of strength training in which all muscle groups are strengthened in just one training session. In this way, beginners can get to know the unfamiliar movement sequences when training with weights without risking overtraining.

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Personal trainer: what makes him special?

Many people who want to get fitter and leaner hire a personal trainer in the hope of achieving success faster. Likewise, for many athletes, the job of personal trainer is enormously attractive at first. However, both as a trainer and as a customer, you have to

Muscular man and muscular woman

Anabolic and catabolic: properly avoid muscle breakdown

You know that fear. Don't eat something quickly - right after your workout - he strikes: the catabolic devil. Your body burns your muscles. But is that really true? Now you will learn what anabolic and catabolic really mean and how to avoid losing muscle mass unnecessarily.

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Martial arts - healthy for mind and body

The term martial arts includes many very different techniques and types of physical defense. Not only physical attack and defense are taught, but also rehearsed choreographic movements. Therefore, the martial arts, which we would like to present to you here, train both physical fitness and mental balance.