walking shoes
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Happy feet – with the right shoes

Our feet are a real marvel of nature. They carry us through life every day – but they are rarely treated well enough. Without us really noticing, we're asking you far too much. A study by the German Shoe Institute came

cycling everyday
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The way to a healthy lifestyle - cycling in everyday life

With cycling to a healthy lifestyle. You don't always have to spend hours in the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because: Physical activity is also different. Health is the most important thing in our lives, but it is not always easy for us to take care of our bodies

movement pain back
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Restricted movement - causes and treatment

One wrong movement and severe pain spread. Do you also suffer from a painful movement restriction? A distinction is made between an active and a passive movement restriction.

vibration plate sport woman
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Lose weight with the vibration plate – tips & exercises

The vibration plate has been well known among fitness fanatics for some time. Opinions often differ, since the expectations of such a vibration plate are usually too high; So at the beginning it should be said that even with the vibration plate you don't lose weight as if by magic. Despite it

Healthy Movement

The right basketball warm-up training - tips and exercises

Although football is the number one popular sport in this country, other ball sports are also very popular. In addition to handball and volleyball, basketball is also part of it. As in any other sport, it is important to warm up properly before the actual game with the ball. We show,

essential oils

Applying essential oils - The diverse possibilities of aromatherapy

We often associate memories with smells. The smell of mum baking cookies, the salty smell of the sea on summer vacation, the aftershave that dad used and always smelled like when he read the bedtime story. Countless connections between positive thoughts and our well-being

hula hoop
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Hula Hoops: Burn 600 Calories in an Hour!

Lively, energetic, swinging – that's how you used to romp through the garden with your tire as a child. They couldn't get enough. But now as an adult? Does a hula hoop actually melt the pounds like fondue cheese? Does it strengthen muscles? And makes your bottom and legs firm again?

barefoot sand
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Convenient and comfortable on the go despite hallux valgus feet

Changes in the feet can be uncomfortable with every step and cause discomfort. With age, feet can become deformed. If the ball of the foot bulges, this is called hallux valgus. Shoes that are tailored to this will help ensure that you are always comfortable and pain-free when you are out and about

knee pain
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Joint Fuel 360 for joint pain - experiences and evaluation

Joint pain can severely restrict the human body. Movements that may have been possible back then can cause problems in old age. But what can be done about this pain to make movement as comfortable as possible in old age? The Joint Fuel 360 preparation is designed to help relieve joint pain quickly