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Sustainable products for everyday life

Every year we become more aware of the changes caused by climate change, so we finally have to intervene to make improvements.

Many Germans are aware of this, but some still resist the change. They don't want to limit their quality of life and don't want to be part of the whole movement. You associate a lot of work with fighting climate change, but that's not really true.

Healthy from nature

Home remedies for pimples - these tips work when treating pimples

Pimples are noticeable on the skin in the form of rounded and small elevations and are nothing more than an annoying inflammation that is usually filled with pus. There are a lot of professional therapies, methods and quality agents available nowadays that can help the process

barley grass
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Why is barley grass becoming more popular?

More and more people today value a healthy lifestyle. This manifests itself in many different areas and, among other things, also means that many people today pay particular attention to their own health. Basically, you can adjust many different parameters

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Marigold ointment - what does it do?

The marigold, whose Latin name is Calendula Officinalis, is a popular medicinal plant. Hildegard von Bingen mentioned the "Ringula" or "Ringele" in her famous standard work "Physica".

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OPC grape extract - what is it and how does it work?

Natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular these days. With an increasing number of intolerances and side effects, this is not surprising. If you believe the numerous positive testimonials online, OPC grape extract seems to be a real miracle cure for treating numerous ailments.

What exactly is behind it, what effect OPC grape extract has and when you can use it, you can find out from us.

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hCG globules

Are you looking for a method to lose weight quickly? How about the hCG diet? Using the pregnancy hormone hCG, hCG globules were made to promote weight loss. What might sound a bit strange at first is, however, traded as a secret silver bullet.

In this article we will explain in more detail whether the globules really help to stimulate the metabolic system. Is alternative medicine really a true all-rounder? Can the hCG globules really be helpful for numerous diseases and ailments, as well as for weight loss? In this article you will learn everything about hCG globules.

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MSM - How can it help and what are its effects?

Due to the increasing demand for natural healing methods for numerous health complaints, the range of dietary supplements and remedies is also growing steadily. One substance that comes up again and again is MSM.

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Monk's pepper - natural remedy especially for women

Women in particular often have to struggle with fluctuations in their hormonal balance. Taking hormone-regulating drugs is often associated with negative side effects that sometimes even make the condition worse.

There is also a natural method that can be used to treat the typical symptoms of an imbalanced hormone level. The healing powers of chaste tree have been known for centuries and are increasingly being used again today.

Colloidal Silver
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Colloidal silver - what it is and what it can do

Silver is commonly known as a precious metal for jewelry and other valuables. Very few people know that it can also have healing powers. But even in ancient times, people knew how to use the power of silver. Food and drink kept in silver vessels fresher longer than in others.

You can find out from us how silver can still be used today for health-promoting purposes and what you should pay attention to.