ecological footprint
Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Reduce ecological footprint and reduce carbon impact

Climate change will remain with mankind for a few more decades! The warming of the atmosphere caused by the excessive production of the greenhouse gas CO2 is already threatening large parts of the globe. Sea levels are rising and the poles are melting! The winters are getting wetter and the summers are getting drier! The floors are deserted

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Safely through the crisis with e-scooters

Due to the Corona crisis, many people prefer to get back into their own vehicle instead of using the overall more environmentally friendly alternative of public transport. This is mainly due to the fact that public transport stops and buses and trains are considered sources of infection. Obviously that's because of the

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

No Power - How do I strengthen my immune system

Our immune system is a highly complex network of organs and tissues. It is our body's defense and surveillance system. Mainly involved are the lymphatic system, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, intestines, skin, mucous membranes as well as specialized immune cells and messenger substances. The main task of this system is the defense against pathogens and other foreign substances.