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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

What is important in oral hygiene

Our teeth and oral hygiene are an important factor in our health, but also in our social life. Beautiful, healthy teeth and good breath are desirable attributes. Problems with our teeth can have a lasting negative impact on our everyday life, our bank account and our health. about that

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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Vitamin D drops for babies and toddlers

Vitamin D is important for the human body, especially at a young age. Although the vitamin is mainly formed with the help of sunlight itself, babies and toddlers often suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. In this article you can find out when vitamin D oil is useful for babies and whether there are any side effects.

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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

The perfect morning routine makes the day

Who does not know it? The alarm clock rings and actually you would much rather stay in bed. But work is waiting, the children have to go to daycare or school and you also have to get ready yourself. Himself to get up every day

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Safely through the crisis with e-scooters

Due to the Corona crisis, many people prefer to get back into their own vehicle instead of using the overall more environmentally friendly alternative of public transport. This is mainly due to the fact that public transport stops and buses and trains are considered sources of infection. Obviously that's because of the

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Diet change step by step

A healthy change in diet can have several goals. Do you just want to eat healthier or lose or gain weight? The fact is that a healthy diet is simply good for the human body because it provides us with many important nutrients. A healthy change in diet means that you

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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Vitamin D deficiency - causes, symptoms and therapy

Our body is a real powerhouse. Countless bones, muscles, nerves, veins and organs ensure that we are able to go about our everyday lives. Diet is an important factor in functioning. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, fiber and vitamins provide us with energy

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

No Power - How do I strengthen my immune system

Our immune system is a highly complex network of organs and tissues. The main task of this system is the defense against pathogens and other foreign substances. It is therefore important to strengthen the immune system in order to have good defences. In the following article we will show you the causes of a weakened immune system and how you can strengthen your immune system.

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Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

How healthy is sauna?

A total of over 5 million Germans visit the sauna or steam bath regularly. And with good reason: Saunas have numerous positive effects on health and individual well-being. Attractiveness is also strengthened while you do something good for your soul. So you your

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

New Year's resolutions: implementing good resolutions is guaranteed - 8 techniques

Do you remember your 2020 resolutions? Or 2019? Your new self - non-smoking, thin, disciplined and well-read? Don't worry: 92 percent of Germans suffer from this good intention dementia. But you can do something! – in this article you will learn eight techniques so that you can actually achieve your 2021 resolutions.

Healthy and sustainable in everyday life

Papistop product check - stop warts and papillomas

Health is our greatest asset! That is why small papillomas and warts on the skin are particularly annoying. Because they are not only an aesthetic problem, but can also pose a health risk.
There are currently many preparations on the market that promise easy and quick removal of warts and papillomas. In this context, we have compiled various Papistop test results.