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Microneedling, the effective anti-aging method

The application and the procedure of microneedling is basically a surgical procedure, which is used for aesthetic problems with the skin. The name says it all. There are numerous needles on a small roller that penetrate the skin and leave small holes. the

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Bandages - What should be considered when choosing bandages?

Bandage materials are an essential part of the medicine chest, because most accidents also happen in the private sphere. Even with a small cut, it is important to take precautions, for example to prevent infection. The selection of dressing materials is huge and the market is constantly working on new solutions

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Osteopathy: Use manual therapy for migraines

Many people are affected by migraines. They constantly suffer from violent throbbing and drawing and stabbing headaches. Migraines often come suddenly and on one side, which is why many sufferers are severely restricted in everyday life. Sometimes migraines are accompanied by annoying symptoms. Migraine patients often experience loss of appetite and nausea

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Osteopathy: This is what the gentle healing method does

Especially as you get older, you should pay more attention to your own health. If you have been physically active for a day and then complain about pain, that is already an indication that the person concerned needs to do more. But also increasing stress factors such as working from home or

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Intimate health – This is how annoying discomfort is avoided

There are numerous diseases or complaints of the female intimate area. They range from a simple imbalance in the vaginal environment to sexually transmitted diseases to fungal or cystitis. Most complaints can be combated with proper care of the intimate area. In the following, we will tell you how you can deal with the most common complaints.

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What is the optimal diet for asthma?

It used to be believed that diseases were caused by demons and evil forces. Luckily we are further today. The mechanisms of many diseases are well known and in most cases drugs and treatments are readily available. But we also know that nutrition is a very big one

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Open your eyes: things worth knowing about eyesight and how to preserve it

Sight is our most important sense. No organ of perception provides more information about the outside world. A total of 80 percent of all perceptual stimuli reach us through the eyes. In total, it's 10 million per second. When we are awake, we constantly rely on our eyesight to get around in the world

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Does Nutresin Herbapure Ear help your hearing?

For people with hearing problems, Nutresin Herbapure Ear can mean an improvement in the quality of life. Not only older people suffer from reduced hearing ability, younger people are also increasingly affected. It is often not only the ability to hear that deteriorates, sometimes it can also happen that only certain frequencies and tones cannot be properly perceived. But can the hearing performance be improved by the preparation Nutresin Herbapure Ear so that those affected do not have to reach for the hearing aid directly?

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Dentures: options and costs

Dentures are a good and permanent solution to replace lost teeth or aching tooth roots. The high-quality, biocompatible ceramic or titanium implants can hardly be distinguished from real teeth. Preserving the natural tooth is always the top priority. But what are the possibilities