eye lasers note contact lens wearers
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Can contact lenses damage the eye?

Although more than two thirds of all Germans over the age of 16 have poor eyesight - and the trend has been rising for decades - according to the current study by the Central Association of Opticians and Optometrists (ZVA) from 2019, only 5,5% of those affected wear contact lenses - the vast majority of them leave them continue to focus on the

wound dressing
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Bandages - What should be considered when choosing bandages?

Bandage materials are an essential part of the medicine chest, because most accidents also happen in the private sphere. Even with a small cut, it is important to take precautions, for example to prevent infection. The selection of dressing materials is huge and the market is constantly working on new solutions

healthy eating
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What is the optimal diet for asthma?

It used to be believed that diseases were caused by demons and evil forces. Luckily we are further today. The mechanisms of many diseases are well known and in most cases drugs and treatments are readily available. But we also know that nutrition is a very big one