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CBD, smoking and hemp

How many cigarettes are there in a shisha?

In big cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, the trend towards smoking shisha is unmistakable. So-called shisha bars are springing up like mushrooms. Almost two hundred of these establishments are located in Berlin alone. They are mainly visited by young people.

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CBD, smoking and hemp

All-purpose weapon hemp

The legalization of hemp (cannabis) in Germany is getting closer! In the coalition agreement, the traffic light parties have stated that they will still allow the controlled sale of cannabis to adults during this legislative period.

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CBD, smoking and hemp

Vaping: A Harmless Pleasure?

Vaping and e-cigarettes: In the vernacular, both types of enjoyment are identical and even among users, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are sometimes called synonymous.

CBD, smoking and hemp

CBG and the positive influence on our body

The trend is moving away from conventional medicine and towards natural alternatives. In recent years it has become clear that sustainability and conscious living are becoming more and more part of everyday life. Many people question not only their lifestyle, but also

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CBD, smoking and hemp

CBD in menopause - How can CBD help?

Menopause is no picnic for many women. Often there are problems sleeping, increased sweating and mood swings. Apparently it is not that easy to get all these problems under control with conventional methods.

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CBD, smoking and hemp

Can you lose weight with CBD?

Around 24 percent of all people in this country are overweight and this problem is more relevant than ever worldwide. We would like to tell you whether CBD is suitable as an alternative treatment method for overweight people and bring you a little closer to the effects of CBD. The effect of

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CBD, smoking and hemp

Planned cannabis legalization – How cannabis can help

For many years, there has been a recurring discussion about the legalization of cannabis. Similar to our neighbors, the Dutch, this should finally become reality. With the new government come changes. One of them is now supposed to be legal cannabis.

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CBD, smoking and hemp

CBD oil for on the go - alternative for your pocket

CBD oils are now on everyone's lips. Although its effect has not yet been conclusively confirmed, many users already report a relaxing and stress-relieving feeling after taking it orally. Since products from the cannabis plant are processed in CBD oils, there is still some skepticism