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Happy feet – with the right shoes

Our feet are a real marvel of nature. They carry us through life every day – but they are rarely treated well enough. Without us really noticing, we're asking you far too much. A study by the German Shoe Institute came

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Microneedling, the effective anti-aging method

The application and the procedure of microneedling is basically a surgical procedure, which is used for aesthetic problems with the skin. The name says it all. There are numerous needles on a small roller that penetrate the skin and leave small holes. the

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Effective cardio training

Cardio training is an effective fitness program that not only improves fitness, but also contributes to heart health. Cardio training is also beneficial for lung activity and circulation.

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Healthy from nature

Sustainable products for everyday life

Every year we become more aware of the changes caused by climate change, so we finally have to intervene to make improvements.

Many Germans are aware of this, but some still resist the change. They don't want to limit their quality of life and don't want to be part of the whole movement. You associate a lot of work with fighting climate change, but that's not really true.

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CBD and hemp

All-purpose weapon hemp

The legalization of hemp (cannabis) in Germany is getting closer! In the coalition agreement, the traffic light parties have stated that they will still allow the controlled sale of cannabis to adults during this legislative period.

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CBD and hemp

Vaping: A Harmless Pleasure?

Vaping and e-cigarettes: In the vernacular, both types of enjoyment are identical and even among users, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are sometimes called synonymous.

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Home remedies to reduce fever

Almost everyone has had a fever at some point in their life. If your own body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius, doctors speak of an elevated temperature. It is at this point that the fever begins. Basically, this process is not bad. The opposite is the case. The body