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For many people it is not obvious at first glance where the exact ones are Differences see a chiropractor and an osteopath. Basically it's not that easy.

Because both health areas have numerous in many therapies and applications overlaps. Many areas are closely related. The two directions often work together intensively.

Basically, both try certain manual techniques Malfunctions to fix and treat. This is about solving the fault and eliminating the problem. A very good example is there Chiropractor in Heidelberg Martin Rau.

The origins of chirotherapy and osteopathy

Lay people in particular often find it very difficult to recognize the differences between the two areas. Do you deal with that a little bit Origin of therapies, then the differences become clearer.

Chirotherapy: the origin and areas of application

The first records go back to the end of 19. century. This is where the first traditions and stories dealing with the treatment of chiropractic appear.

Since that time, not just a niche, but an entire specialty has evolved into this alternatives Treatment method developed. The basis is the back and the associated impairments.

At the beginning of chiropractic, the therapies were carried out exclusively with the hands. In this day and age are becoming increasingly common aids used, which not only protect the joints, but are also significantly more efficient.

A chiropractor always sees the origin of the disease in the joints of the spinal column. Through intensive and recurring treatment or therapy, not only the symptoms but also the disease itself should be cured.

Osteopathy: the origin and areas of application

A few years before the stories about chiropractic, osteopathy became known. The American doctor Dr. Andrew Taylor Still published the first techniques on the subject in 1874 Osteopathythat he had been developing for years.

With the realization that the body heals and regulates itself to a certain extent, he began to develop the Osteopathy on. This is about supporting the body effectively and not through it drugs to manipulate.

Malpositions and blockages lead to the self-healing is disturbed or weakened. These need to be corrected and effectiveness restored. The therapy is based on three pillars, which are seen as a holistic treatment.

It is important not only the acute blockages or Malfunctions fix it, but also to find the cause of it. For this reason, many different factors play a role if the treatment is to be successful.

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The direct comparison between a chiropractor and an osteopath

Basically, both areas differ in terms of the body regions. The chiropractor is more focused on the spine and increasingly also on joints. An osteopath, on the other hand, looks at the entire skeleton and organs.

However, every therapy is always a little individually. Depending on the impairment, it can also happen that the osteopath does a little chiropractic work and the chiropractor comes into the osteopathic field.

The similarities between the two therapies are:

  • Both disciplines are involved alternative treatment options.
  • Both forms of therapy have their Origin in America.
  • While many people are already using the two treatments, these are not recognized professions in Deutschland.
  • The chiropractor and the osteopath do not need any special tools or tools to practice their profession general conditions wie for example a doctor.
  • Treatments and therapies may only be given by a doctor or trained Naturopaths be executed.
  • The duration of therapy is individual and depends entirely on the patient needs of the patient.
  • Neither chiropractic nor osteopathy is a substitute for conventional medicine. Rather it is one support or alternative.

The differences between chiropractor and osteopath are:

  • The chiropractor looks for the cause in the spinal column. The osteopath looks at the entire body and the organs to find the cause of the symptoms.
  • The irritation of the nervous system is considered Basis for the chiropractor. In osteopathy, it is the blood vessels. The nerves and tissues.
  • Chiropractic refers to the musculoskeletal. Osteopathy goes a little further and also pays attention to the organs, the living conditions and external influences.
  • With chiropractors, von subluxations spoken. Osteopaths have the dysfunctions as a basis.

What qualifications does a chiropractor or an osteopath need

In many countries, studying for both areas is regulated. the conditions are not only uniform, but are also subject to strict regulation. In the USA you need a specialist degree, which lasts between 5 and 6 years.

Received after successfully passing Graduates the title Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) or Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). It depends on the area in which you have completed your studies.

Here in Germany there is no strict regulation. Both areas are among the non-recognized professions. The only condition is that the treatments can only be carried out by a Doctor or alternative practitioner may be carried out.

It is precisely on this point that one should be aware before the treatment. While a doctor has to complete years of study, he can Naturopaths himself in one part-time education train.

On average, after approx. 18 Monaten take the exam. If you pass this, you can work as a naturopath. Of course, there are also numerous further training courses and qualifications.

However, it is one private education, which must be self-financed. The training to become a non-medical practitioner is therefore not to be compared with state-recognized training occupations.

Basic medical knowledge is essential if you want to work as a chiropractor or osteopath. Therefore, prior to treatment, patients should qualifications check and not just act on sympathy.

How much does a chiropractor and osteopath cost?

In principle, the costs must be borne by the patients themselves in both areas. Some health insurance now recognize the treatment and share in the bill.

It is therefore worthwhile in any case to contact your responsible health insurance company before treatment Information to catch up In this way, the costs for the treatment can be significantly reduced.

The price differences are minimal. A session with a chiropractor amounts to between 60 and 120 Euro. With the osteopath you have to reckon with 60 to 150 euros.

However, the therapy usually consists of several sessions, so that a successful treatment requires between 300 and 700 Euro can count. The duration depends on the symptoms and causes.

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