CBG – The mother cannabinoid


Similar to CBD, CBG is one of the most important components of the cannabis plant. Because these two cannabiols play both in medicine and in the cosmetic field and an important role in nutritional supplements.

CBG is also called the mother cannabinoid, since all other cannabinoids for the production of different products are made from it raw material be synthesized. So it is the cornerstone of all products made from the cannabis plant.

The demand for the products is currently off Cannabis very high in many areas of life. Not only the medical aspect comes to the fore. But what are the differences between CBG and CBD?

What is CBG exactly?

Basically, CBG is an ingredient in the hemp plant. Since it is also called "stem cell" or "parent cannabionoid“, it seems reasonable to assume that it is present in high amounts.

However, this is not the case. The plant itself has a comparatively low proportion of CBG. Besides, this one is component a product that does not contain any intoxicating effects.

For this reason it is a legal product. You can often find the well-known ones here CBD oils, drops or other preparations that are intended to effectively improve and support health.

A very good overview of the numerous possibilities can be found, for example, in CBD online shop. Information as well as the products from the CBG can be found here.

CBG forms first when you look closely at the growth of the plant. The older it gets, the more it decreases Concentration this ingredient. It forms the more than 400 different compounds that arise in a single plant.

Studies and research in this area are not very advanced. On the one hand, this is due to the complex connections in the plant itself. On the other hand, long-term studies cannot yet be carried out in a meaningful way due to the short time.

However, what scientists have already found, once UV rays get to the CBG, this will THC and CBD decomposed. CBD is very important for numerous products, especially for the current market.

The THC is an intoxicating one active substance. This is used, for example, in the medical field. Currently, the product is only available in exceptional cases and with a doctor's prescription.

How CBG works

  • anti-inflammatory
  • Appetizing

The interest in the ingredients of the cannabis plant is very high in many areas. Especially the medicine is from them antioxidant properties excited. It not only has a protective effect here, but can also effectively contain inflammation.

Likewise, the cell structure and regeneration after a inflammation positively supported and thus also accelerated. The use is not limited to individual body regions, but can be used in many ways.

Another area where CBG excels is that Ingestion. Patients with serious illnesses such as cancer often have no appetite. However, just that Nutrition important for recovery and the fight against the disease.

So that's not concerned here in one Downward spiral and at some point have to switch to liquid and high-calorie food, the CBG preparations can be taken. These increase appetite regardless of the disease.

In both cases, CBG is absorbed into the body via the mucous membrane. This is not only very easy, but also a very quick methodto use the ingredient as quickly as possible.

The differences between CBG and CBD flowers

CBG and also CBD flowers have many numerous properties that affect our well-being and health positive can influence. The CBD products are well-known and have been on the market for many years.

However, the lesser-known CBG products are in no way inferior to the others. CBG is the original form and from this the well-known CBD develops. However, many people can use both ingredients profitieren.

A distinction is made at in the molecular structure, in the concentration present in the plant and in the way they work in the body. However, since CBD is present in higher quantities, this ingredient is also used more often.

Buying CBD flowers is easier, since the availability is significantly higher. But the CBG is also being offered more and more often and is often used. The benefits and Properties are very similar.

Properties of CBG flowers

The flowers do not have an intoxicating effect and therefore cannot affect the body psychologically. In addition, the flowers have the advantage that they come from numerous different types of cannabis plant can be won.

The ingredient CBG is legal. Therefore, you do not need a doctor's prescription to purchase it. It makes sense even with minor complaints and not only in the case of severe ones disease progression.

CBG is obtained at a very early stage of plant growth. Because the longer you wait with the harvest, the lower it is Concentration. CBG converts to CBD and THC during growth.

THC is the ingredient that is currently still banned in Germany. This is the classic drug, which one intoxicating Effect Has. It is only available in exceptional cases and with a doctor's prescription.

For manufacturers to extract CBD, they need patience. Because this one active substance is formed from CBG and the plant must first have developed sufficiently before harvest can take place.

Things are different with CBG. Already at one 6 weeks old plant can be started here with the harvest. At this stage, the CBG gradually begins to break down and the abundance and concentration in the plant decreases.

You should pay attention to this when buying CBG

Regardless of whether you decide on CBG or CBD, there are three important factors that should be considered when buying. The cultivation and the The Brand all products in this area are also subject to very strict requirements.

  1. A EU-certified cultivation is important. Because only then can you be sure that the cultivation and the harvest are carried out according to the high standards that are set for the production and harvest.
  • organic quality is also a point that plays a crucial role in connection with health. Plants that have been treated with pesticides will otherwise get into our bodies if we ignore them. This can lead to numerous consequential damages.
  • Trusted and certified dealers. Because only if you do your shopping here can you be sure that you are getting exactly the product that can effectively support your health.
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