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The summer fashion trends - sustainability in the fashion industry

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in life. When it comes to groceries, many people already make sure that they buy something that has been produced sustainably and regionally. In the field of fashion, too, you can follow the latest summer fashion trends and still act sustainably.

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These clothes never go out of style

Every year numerous people in the fashion industry determine the trend for the current year. Over the course of time, there are always clothes that are only popular for a few months and others that can last for many decades. Some trends come back and repeat themselves

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The main fashion trends for autumn 2021

With the approaching cooler days, many women are again thinking about the right clothes for autumn. After all, there are exciting new trends for the autumn look every year - and transition jackets, coats and sweaters promise cozy warmth despite falling temperatures. All information on current trends and tips for styling autumn fashion in large sizes is therefore available here!

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Chic fashion trends for mature women - bold colors and youthfulness

Fashionable clothing and a style-conscious appearance is not a question of age. Even with Ü-60 women can still look stunning. Numerous famous personalities and style icons confirm this and are even role models for younger women. This guide shows what trendy fashion for women over 60 looks like.


5 popular accessories that women use to customize their outfit

A look is only perfect with the right accessories. The term “accessories” comes from the French and means “accessories”. With the help of various accessories, every outfit and style can be given an individual touch. Whether handbag, sunglasses or jewelry - the fashionable companions are an expression of one's own personality.

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Rose gold - a trend color of a special kind

Just pink? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! It is a great alternative to silver, gold & platinum and now has all jewelry boxes firmly under control: the trend color rose gold. In the form of rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc., the cool, coppery pieces of jewelery and accessories are wonderfully warm, soft and feminine and are the icing on the cake of every look!

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Versatile, dynamic, comfortable – the jogging pants trend

If there's one well-worn quote from the fashion world that almost certainly lost its validity years ago, it's this: "Whoever wears sweatpants has lost control of their life." The German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is often quoted with these words. In the meantime, however, jogging pants have long since lost their slouchy character. Instead, they are a valid alternative to jeans or chinos and are finding their way into leisure wardrobes as part of the athleisure trend.


The right accessories for the perfect male outfit

When it comes to fashion accessories, men have it a little more difficult than the trendy women. But if you rely on leather belts, suspenders or bracelets, you are already doing a lot right and making a style statement in terms of personality.

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Military Look - On a peaceful mission

Camouflage patterns, epaulettes and the like are very popular with buyers, and the so-called military look has become a megatrend. Since 2015, however, one thing has also been clearly observed: the military look is no longer just for men, but is becoming increasingly feminine. But not only that, the military-feminine trend has become suitable for everyday use and easy to wear even in the evening.


Wear leggings – dos and don'ts

Leggings are still very popular and can be combined with practically any outfit. But when wearing it, there are a few points to consider so that the style is really casual or elegant. In general, it is recommended to always combine leggings with longer tops. This flatters the body and the entire style looks more elegant in the end.