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Natural cosmetics for your body increase well-being

More and more people are switching to natural cosmetics these days because they are becoming more aware of the benefits. As soon as there is a greater awareness of the need to care for one's own skin, especially in the area of ​​make-up, many people think about using natural products. The advantage of the products lies not only in the natural ingredients, but also in the quality and the results, which can easily be compared with high-end products from big brands. It is therefore worthwhile to use natural products from high-quality manufacturers, as they can keep up with Chanel or YSL and are much gentler on the skin.

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Beauty and wellness

How to find the right fragrance for you

The most important steps to the right perfume - how do I find my personal favorite fragrance for different occasions? Here you will find answers and learn more about the sensational concept of the LR Starbox.

Beauty and wellness

Tips and tricks for a relaxing massage

A good massage can relieve tension and provide a little relaxation when you need to switch off from everyday life. A back massage relaxes the muscles. A massage is particularly beneficial in many situations.

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Beauty and wellness

Effective facial care from the age of 60 – help through natural cosmetics

Mature skin needs extensive care because it tends to be dry and sensitive after the menopause. With natural cosmetics for mature skin, you can do your now demanding skin a favor and give your face more shine again. From the age of 60, it is unfortunately no longer enough to rely solely on the skin's regenerative powers.

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Beauty and wellness

Ingredients in cosmetics that can harm health and the environment

Almost every person in Germany uses skin creams, shampoo and deodorant every day. For women, there are many other products such as hair conditioners, make-up, masks and body lotion. However, many cosmetics that are manufactured in a conventional way contain substances that are harmful to health and the environment

Beauty and wellness

Eyelash lifting for beginners - easily explained

Eyelash madness It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman: both are enchanted by eyelashes! It is difficult to understand or even explain why full, long and magnificently voluminous eyelashes are perceived as beautiful. Basically, eyelashes are purely functional in nature: they prevent dirt particles from getting into our eyes

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Beauty and wellness

Massage guns - how good are they really?

According to current statistics, almost a third of adults in Germany suffer from back pain constantly or more often. According to the latest studies, almost 90% of all back pain is due to muscular tension. A soothing massage can therefore help to release these tensions and thus also reduce the suffering from back pain.

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Beauty and wellness

Tips and tricks for your daily beauty routine!

Beautiful skin and well-groomed skin is only possible with the right skin care. The market for skin care products is now flooded with offers from the cosmetics industry. There are now creams, lotions and serums in countless designs. However, only very few care products can usually keep their promises and do not work as desired.