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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

What helps with hair loss and how can it be prevented?

Hair loss (alopecia) is a widespread "widespread disease" - this is usually very stressful for those affected. But how can you tell that it is actually worrying hair loss? What are the possible causes and how can you identify them early on to counteract or even prevent hair loss? We will enlighten you with the following article.

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The summer fashion trends - sustainability in the fashion industry

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in life. When it comes to groceries, many people already make sure that they buy something that has been produced sustainably and regionally. In the field of fashion, too, you can follow the latest summer fashion trends and still act sustainably.

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Aesthetic Dentistry – Beautiful teeth for a lifetime

A well-groomed appearance also includes teeth. Appearance is very important to many people. This also includes a radiant smile with white and perfect teeth. But healthy teeth also play an important role. Only if the teeth and gums are intact

Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Dermatology – medical help from a dermatologist

If you have problems with your skin, hair or nails, you should seek advice from a dermatologist. A dermatologist in Munich, Berlin or Hamburg can very quickly find a remedy for a wide variety of diseases.

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A nice summer tan – this is how you tan your skin

Like the sun and the outdoor pool, brown skin is part of a real summer. For some people, all it takes is for the sun to shine and tan for a few hours. In this way, the wonderful tan is created in a few days.

dentist visit success
Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Bio in dentistry – Biocompatible dentures

Teeth are the showpiece of every face. Health is very important in this area. Many functions in our organism are related to the teeth. They are not only used for chopping up food, but also take on numerous tasks. Regular maintenance and control

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Beauty and wellness

How to find the right fragrance for you

The most important steps to the right perfume - how do I find my personal favorite fragrance for different occasions? Here you will find answers and learn more about the sensational concept of the LR Starbox.

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

Shampoos for dry scalp

There are numerous reasons why the scalp can be too dry. In addition to external influences such as heating air or the frequent wearing of a hat, the care of the hair can also be decisive.