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The field of osteopathy is diverse Treatment options and also in the applications. The aim here is to alleviate and heal numerous complaints and pains.

This practice can be used very well as an accompaniment to the Conventional medicine and can be used as an independent therapy. It often doesn't matter if you sign up for a private practice like that Osteopathy practice Pittino in Munich or choose another osteopath.

The holistic method is identical and is individually tailored to the individual person and their complaints. The living conditions and how the restrictions came about are also important.

What is osteopathy actually?

Many people have heard the term osteopathy before. However, very few people know what this treatment is about. It won't just be them Symptoms mitigated, but viewed the problem as a whole.

Basically it is a healing process, which deals not only with bones and muscles, but also with tendons and connective tissue. This is still a very young process, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

The prejudice that only muscles and tension are released here persists. The field of osteopathy is significantly more and is therefore also called holistic treatment method titled.

If you injure your arm or shoulder, then in conventional medicine exactly this area is treated Fokus placed. This is different in osteopathy. Because these injuries also affect numerous other areas of the body.

Basically, you can see an osteopath if you following complaints have:

  • Complaints about muscles and bones
  • restrictions of any kind musculoskeletal system
  • Chronic pain in the back or neck to headaches
  • disorders in nervous or digestive system
  • accidents and Sports injuries
  • As an alternative or support to classic physiotherapy

Before treatment in osteopathy, the problem has to be identified

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In order for the treatment to be effective and, above all, promising, the osteopath must find the cause of the problem. Unlike in the Conventional medicine attention is not only paid to the local area of ​​​​the complaints.

Our body has certain Self-healing powers. Skeptics can already recognize this from a cut, which in most cases heals without problems and on its own.

Exactly this process is applicable to all areas of the body. So up to a certain point our body can heal itself. However, there is one massive disruption before, then this must be solved.

At this point comes the Osteopathy in the game. It is not only the symptoms that play a role, especially in diagnostics. A specialist questions the general ones at this point living conditions and also the diet.

The body reacts negatively or positively to numerous influences and these factors flow into the treatment. In the next step, the blockages or movement restrictions solved.

However, the actual problem does not go away with one treatment. This is about a therapy that long-term success should book. In many cases of conventional medicine, recurring pain is not uncommon. This should be avoided in osteopathy.

What are the most common areas of application in osteopathy?

Areas of application osteopathy back pain

More and more people decide to put themselves in the hands of an osteopath in the course of treatment. In many cases this can Therapy not just provide relief, but fix the entire problem.

All malfunctions related to the functions of the musculoskeletal system have to do can be dealt with in this area. The treatment can often be used as an alternative to Naturopaths or conventional medicine can be used.

The most common areas of application include:

  • complaints in musculoskeletal, which are due to the muscles or bones.
  • blockages and associated limitations in the spine and neck area.
  • Chronic pain in the area of ​​the back and the legs, which can go up to the head.
  • disorders in the area of Nervous system, which can have a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system and quality of life.
  • Ailments and injuries as a result of a Accident or a sports injury.
  • As a last resort if the Conventional medicine was without findings to finally get rid of the complaints.

Osteopathy as a preventive measure

You can't just see an osteopath when the symptoms are already there. physical limitations are minimized in this way and serious illnesses are avoided.

Similar to a regular check-up at the doctor's, the osteopath also looks for conspicuous things and treats them at an early stage. Just blockages and tension are among the most common causes.

These small and inconspicuous Impairments can lead to major consequential damage if they are not recognized early and treated accordingly. It is not uncommon for people to only seek professional help when it is already too late.

Herniated discs or permanent malpositions in the body can preventive measures not just avoided. If such a limitation is recognized early, the quality of life increases significantly.

Who bears the costs of treatment by an osteopath?

Areas of application osteopathy costs bank note

Osteopathy treatment is a recognized healing method in Germany. This may only be done by doctors with the appropriate additional training or performed by expert osteopaths.

When it comes to costs, osteopaths are guided by one that applies to them Fee schedule. Physicians have a corresponding billing order, which they use as the basis for treatment.

On average, one treatment is between 60 and 150 Euro. Since this is a therapy, several treatments will be necessary. A complete therapy can therefore cost between 600 and 800 euros.

Basically include alternative healing process or methods are not part of the services covered by health insurance. However, that has changed a bit in recent years with regard to osteopathy.

Some health insurance companies have included these services in their catalogue. However, the regulations are for proportionate assumption of costs very different and strongly dependent on the health insurance company.

Some health insurance companies only cover part of the service, while others can also cover up to 5 sessions in full. On average you can with one refund Expect around 250 euros.

In addition, the osteopath must be recognized and a member of one osteopathic association so that the health insurance company can recognize the corresponding treatments and services.

Da no uniform rule is present, you should inquire with your health insurance company prior to therapy. Here you can find out everything about the possible assumption of costs and the requirements for the payments.

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