Use of colostrum - an overview


What is colostrum?

colostrum, foremilk or Biestmilch, is known to everyone who has ever worked on a farm. Because the cow provides the newborn calf with colostrum during the first hours of life, so that it (similar to what mother's milk does for humans) has a comprehensive Immune protection can build up and is therefore capable of surviving. There "cattle” (i.e. from the cow) and human colostrum are almost identical in their composition and humans and cows have a partially overlapping pathogen system, it makes sense to look for a health benefit for humans in bovine colostrum.

Research has shown that bovine colostrum contains significantly more immune information than human colostrum. The concentration of immune substances is also up to 40 times higher than in human blood.

Colostrum from cows therefore contains a wealth of immunological substances and is considered an extremely healthy food. There are a large number of clinical studies and contract studies that deal with whether and how colostrum can help the human body.

LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Liquid

Premium colostrum-based product Defatted and decaseinated bovine colostrum

Made with the best first milk exclusively from European cows

Free from antibiotic residues and anabolic-androgenic steroids; Without additives, colors or preservatives

With quality seal from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS

Produced with a gentle cold manufacturing process for optimal nutrient density

Areas of application of colostrum

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What forms of colostrum are offered?

Colostrum capsules

Colostrum or basic colostrum is colostrum in capsule shape – i.e. a cellulose capsule (lactose-free) with 400 mg colostrum powder is filled, which was produced in the freeze-drying process. Thanks to freeze-drying, Colostrum Compact capsules have a shelf life of more than 2 years.

In order to provide the body with valuable ingredients in the long term, colostrum capsules are dosed to one long-term use aligned. In addition, the capsules only dissolve in the stomach or small intestine and with it processed directly by the organism without losing valuable nutrients can become. In addition, those taking it do not have to worry about the dosage, since taking it via capsules is particularly easy and uncomplicated.

Colostrum liquid

Colostrum Direct in liquid form almost corresponds to the pure, unadulterated colostrum - only with the difference that it is processed in a sophisticated way cold manufacturing process additionally sterilized. Cold production is particularly important in this context, since the valuable protein compounds would be destroyed by heat.

Colostrum Direct is not that easy and uncomplicated to dose, but it has a significant effect higher content of immunoglobulins (antibodies) than the colostrum capsules. Colostrum Direct should therefore be the first choice when it comes to providing the body with valuable substances immediately.

Colostrum Liquid is lactose-free and therefore also perfectly suitable for people with milk allergies, people with sensitive stomachs and diabetics.

By the way: Alternatively, colostrum capsules and serum are also available as products from the manufacturers LacVital, Dr. Wolz or BioTec available.


colostrum calf drinks
  • Vitamins A, B complex, C, D3 and E
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Minerals and trace elements (including selenium, phosphorus, chromium, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and manganese)
  • free BCAA (including alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, beta-alanine, citrulin, cystine, glutamine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, lysine, proline, serine, taurine, threonine, tyrosine, valine) 
  • Growth factors IGF1, TGFA, TGFB and EGF
  • Immunoglobulins IgA, IgE, IgG and IgM in high concentration
  • Immune Regulators Lactoferrin, Lysozymes, Glycoproteins, Polysaccharides, Cytokines, Interleukins, Interferon, Proline-Rich Polypeptide

LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Liquid

Premium colostrum-based product Defatted and decaseinated bovine colostrum

Made with the best first milk exclusively from European cows

Free from antibiotic residues and anabolic-androgenic steroids; Without additives, colors or preservatives

With quality seal from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS

Produced with a gentle cold manufacturing process for optimal nutrient density

Recommended consumption of colostrum

In capsule form: Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening with some water. Please do not take colostrum capsules with hot drinks.

In liquid form: Take 8 ml daily

Tip: Stir liquid colostrum into a sip of orange juice and stir empty stomach drink (approx. 3 min. before eating). Do not drink any hot drinks immediately afterwards, as colostrum contains sensitive protein compounds.

Colostrum is a natural product. There may be cloudiness. Simply shake them up before eating.

after opening if possible cool and dark - preferably in the refrigerator - store and use within approx. two weeks use up.

Please ensure that you eat as varied and balanced a diet as possible and lead a healthy lifestyle. This is how colostrum can develop its ingredients best.

effect of colostrum


Anyone can get one Dietary supplement with colostrum benefit, because colostrum is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and BCAA.

A comparison with the calf may be worthwhile here - you remember - colostrum is obtained from the foremilk of cows and is therefore the natural one first food of the calf.

With the calf, the goal of taking colostrum is immediate to stimulate immune function. Without colostrum, the calf would not be able to survive.

In the same way, one could imagine that the human organism is affected by the valuable ingredients in colostrum benefits.

What is interesting is that, according to the results of an Italian study (Cesarone et al. 2005, Italian Medical Gazette 164, pp. 163-169), it works in one a flu-like infection Colostrum 3-5 times as effective as a conventional flu shot.

The immunoglobulins, growth factors and immune regulators contained in colostrum protect, strengthen and regulate the immune system of the calf.

As a rich source of free vitamins, minerals and enzymes, colostrum offers a variety of factors that can benefit not only the metabolism of calves, but also the human metabolism in a variety of ways.

Colostrum does not appear special or particular in the simplicity of its extraction, but precisely because of this simplicity it is an extremely refined product from Mother Nature, which is completely harmless to our body thanks to its naturalness.  

effect of the ingredients

A multitude scientific Studies has already dealt with colostrum and the effect of the contained immunoglobulins and immune regulators - but what is that actually?


  • Colloquially, immunoglobulins are also called antibody mentioned.
  • Immunoglobulins represent an important part of the human body represents
  • you will in different classes assigned. In humans, immunoglobulin A (IgA), immunoglobulin D (IgD), immunoglobulin E (IgE), immunoglobulin G (IgG) and immunoglobulin M (IgM) are of particular importance.
  • form immunoglobulins Basis of instant defense of the human organism against viruses, bacteria and fungi that infect the body.
  • Immunoglobulins (because of their pH) are used best and mainly absorbed via the intestine. The intestine (especially the large intestine) is the largest human organ and acts as the entry point into the organism.

Effect of the immunoglobulins

  • IgA is largely responsible for the short-term immune protection and occurs on all human mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, the eyes or the urogenital tract and protects there against a wide variety of pathogens - the pathogens (parasitic organisms such as bacteria, fungi or protozoa, parasites or parasitic molecules such as viruses, viroids, transposons, prions). These can include Colds (flu infections), Gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa), diarrheal diseases or others Infectious diseases trigger.
  • IgG or IgM indicate both the acute occurrence of an infection (IgM) and also the infectious disease that has already been overcome (IgG) and are therefore more susceptible to it long term Immune protection assign.

LR LIFETAKT Colostrum Liquid

Premium colostrum-based product Defatted and decaseinated bovine colostrum

Made with the best first milk exclusively from European cows

Free from antibiotic residues and anabolic-androgenic steroids; Without additives, colors or preservatives

With quality seal from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS

Produced with a gentle cold manufacturing process for optimal nutrient density

immune regulators

healthy strong woman
  • immune regulators such as B. lactoferrin, polypeptides, interleukin or interferons control the entire defense system of the body. You start and harmonize defense reactions.
  • Lactoferrin is one of the best-known immune regulators with the strongest antiviral and antibacterial function.
  • Interferon have an immunostimulating, but above all antiviral and antitumor effect and occur in different groups (alpha interferon, beta interferon, gamma interferon and tau interferon)
  • Proline Rich Polypeptides serve to balance the immune system by compensating for an overactive immune system or boosting an underactive (=weakened) immune system

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Quality features of colostrum products

  • For production of colostrum products will only excess colostrum from the first 12 hours after birth of the calf used when the level of immunoglobulins is highest. During this time, the cow produces far more colostrum than the calf can and needs to drink, which is why it is completely harmless for the calf's health to remove the excess colostrum.
  • In addition, only the Foremilk from German cows .
  • During processing no pasteurization (heating), but a high-quality, patented and particularly gentle one cold manufacturing process applied.
  • Colostrum is the first colostrum with the Seal of approval from the SGS Institute Fresenius was certified clearly sets itself apart from the competition in terms of quality.
  • Each batch of colostrum is manufactured in a completely transparent manner and can therefore be easily traced back - this is how a hundred percent quality assurance guaranteed
  • Colostrum is perfect preservative and anabolic steroid free

Questions about colostrum and its effects


reach us again and again Questions from our users on the different areas of application of colostrum. In the following we would like to list some of the most frequently asked questions as examples.

Important: The statements made here have not been tested by conventional medicine, but only recommendations based on naturopathic research. So before considering a treatment with colostrum, we recommend that you do this beforehand Consultation with medical professionals to keep! This is the only way to guarantee a completely risk-free and harmless intake and the desired effect that goes with it!

Colostrum and sport - do they get along?

The sporty people or people who do competitive sports, the turnover of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals or amino acids is significantly increased compared to people who do not do any sports. In such cases, the usual diet, which should of course be healthy and balanced, can be sensibly supplemented with colostrum.

colostrum improved due to its composition many endogenous processes:

  • Natural performance optimization in sports (improved fat metabolism, better muscle regeneration) through contained minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids
  • Tissue regeneration and remodeling (cartilage and bone tissue) by contained enzymes and amino acids
  • Stimulating collagen production in the skin (Anti-Aging ) by vitamin C

Does colostrum promote wound healing?

wound healing child

The one found in colostrum growth factor IGF-1 According to many medical studies, contains anti-inflammatory, anti-cytotoxic substances. It is thus an important factor rapid wound healing. In addition to wound healing, IGF-1 is also intended to improved bone formation contribute and the dissemination of contain cancer cells can.

The colostrum can from trauma until surgical wounds work wonders both internally and externally.

Can colostrum prevent weight loss?

With its growth-promoting substances and high protein content, colostrum can muscle growth contribute, which in most cases results in weight gain. Even in older people, whose growth hormone levels decrease over time, GH 1 and IGF-1 can further stimulate colostrum counteract weight loss.

Nevertheless, the first milk will not prevent a planned weight loss through exercise and dietary changes. Instead, the body is regenerated as quickly as possible. The vitamin B complex can also more energy be applied.

Can Colostrum Promote Digestion?

The intake of colostrum can relieve some discomfort in the intestinal tract positive effects show. In several studies it was found that the contained immunoglobulins against pathogens act in the digestive tract.

They are also intended for prevention and Treatment of acute intestinal diseases can be used, which of course favors intestinal activity in the long run.

As in newborns, the composition of enzymes, proteins, fats and minerals also has an effect on adults natural development and improvement of the digestive tract. Antibodies contribute to this immune defense at.

What information is known about diabetes support?


It has now been found that the growth factor IGF-1 also counteract diabetes mellitus and can positively influence the insulin function of the human body. There is evidence that IGF stimulates glucose utilization as well as insulin. Thus, colostrum could even be one alternative treatment of diabetes mellitus represent.

Note: In any case, before considering any such alternative treatment, you should first Consultation with medical professionals keep!

Does colostrum brighten the mood?

By regulating blood sugar levels and brain biochemistry, colostrum can increase focus and alertness. In the long term this can lead to more motivation and a lighter weight mood lift beitragen.

This is achieved through the growth factors, which not only on bone and muscle building, but also on the Repairing our DNA and RNA are designed.

What side effects does colostrum have?

In the right dosage are so far no side effects known from colostrum. Both children and adults can benefit from the positive properties of growth-promoting breast milk.

Within the first intake it can happen that the symptoms to be treated initially worsen. However, these usually only last for a short time and are a big exception. In addition, the stimulated intestinal activity could lead to flatulence.

Since the effect of colostrum in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers has not yet been sufficiently tested and examined, it is not advisable to take it during pregnancy.

Does the human immune system possibly build up immunoglobulins itself, for example to kill pathogens?

antibody (i.e. immunoglobulins) are a normal component of the human organism and form the basis for the body’s immune system. So: Yes, our immune system also builds up immunoglobulins itself. Unfortunately, this buildup gets through to many people Stress, unbalanced diet or diseases. Colostrum is then the perfect support for supplying additional immunoglobulins and strengthening our immune system.

In medicine, immunoglobulins are sometimes administered intravenously in order to be used against certain forms of primary antibody deficiency syndrome.

Can colostrum be taken with Hashimoto's disease or does it worsen the flare-ups?

Colostrum helps not against an underfunction of thyroid. Here the taking of thyroxine empfohlen. 

Nevertheless, colostrum helps against slow metabolism, serves as a Companion and gives you strength, freshness and energy.

Taking colostrum for Hashimoto's disease is harmless. However, the flare-ups are not expected to worsen.

Source: LR Health & Beauty

At what time interval should colostrum with L-thyorxin be taken in Hashimoto's disease?

Basically going to be an ingestion of L-thyroxine am Morgen, advised half an hour before breakfast. You can then take the colostrum 3 minutes before breakfast or directly with breakfast with orange juice. There are no complications known between the two products.

L-Thyorxin only needs gastric acid to be fully effective.

Source: LR Health & Beauty

How high should I dose colostrum if I have a pollen allergy?

We recommend that you take colostrum as a preventive measure. You should take the dosage normally at the beginning without an increased starting dose. 

According to the manufacturer, a 3-month course of liquid colostrum advisable to start with. You can then switch to capsules later on. We recommend a dose of 2 capsules a day.

What is there to say about amino acids contained in colostrum?

  • Amino acids are alsoBuilding blocks of life” because all proteins are made up of amino acids.
  • Amino acids are in almost all metabolic processes involved in the human organism, including the Cell renewal
  • The formation of Body tissue (i.e. cell tissue again) such as skin, hair, nails or bones is influenced by amino acids, among other things. But amino acids are also important for the formation of antibodies, various enzymes, hormones and even the blood.
  • Amino acids are divided into two groups. On the one hand essentielle Aminosäuren, which the human organism urgently needs but cannot produce itself (must be ingested through food or otherwise). On the other hand non-essential amino acids (which are also mostly ingested through food), but the absence of which does not immediately lead to symptoms of deficiency.
  • A lack of essential amino acids (like other undersupply such as mineral deficiency) can manifest itself in deficiency symptoms such as states of exhaustion and weakness, growth disorders, concentration disorders or even slower wound healing.

Can one now say that colostrum strengthens the immune system?

Such a statement would certainly be presumptuous and also not permissible according to the Health Claims Regulation, because if at all, the ingredients contained in colostrum can have an effect on various metabolic and defense scenarios. Nevertheless, it is very likely that people who, for example, have a weakened immune system or are under very high stress (eg winter depression, sport or work) can derive great benefit from a dietary supplement with colostrum.

Is colostrum gluten free?

Our colostrum products are Gluten Free and therefore safe for gluten intolerance.

Can you take colostrum despite a cow's milk allergy?

No, colostrum is the cow's mother's milk and should therefore not be taken if you are allergic to cow's milk.

Questions we are not allowed to answer publicly

forest treetop
  • What do the so-called growth factors in colostrum stand for? Do growth factors have a positive effect on cell metabolism and stimulate cell growth and cell regeneration?
  • I was Colostrum for my dogs recommended. Both have had Giardia multiple times. What is the daily amount and how long should I give it? Weight of the dogs 20 kg and 23 kg.

Our answer: Please get in touch via our Contact Form on with us - due to the Health Claims Regulation, we are not allowed to make any statements on this subject in the public area of ​​our site. We will be happy to answer them by E-mail.

Here is a detailed field report »

Colostrum products are food supplements within the meaning of food law and not medicinal products within the meaning of the Medicines Act. No health claims can be associated with dietary supplements. Accordingly, the information compiled on this page is not a healing statement, but should only be understood as informative.

The recommendations for use and dosages cannot and do not intend to replace medical advice and therefore do not constitute medical advice! The information is based solely on publicly available sources, the information from which has been compiled here.

Evidence for the footnotes:

1) psyramble: Clinical Dictionary. 263rd edition. De Gruyter, Berlin 2012.

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Since July 1, 2017, the so-called Health Claims Regulation has sanctioned advertising claims in connection with dietary supplements if they are not sufficiently scientifically backed. Below we have collected statements from freely available sources (including Wikipedia) for you. These should therefore only provide information about the product colostrum and do not want to advertise its purchase.

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