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Our high-quality blog posts are mostly published by two writers with whom we have been working for a long time. It is difficult nowadays to find suitable texts that meet the high demands of Life in Balance. We are all the more pleased about the cooperation.

Author: Marco Reuter

Mr. Reuter impresses with his quick order fulfillment and well-founded specialist knowledge.

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Author Katrin Heidelberger

Ms. Heidelberger has her heart in the right place. Your texts are very well researched and always with appropriate references. We are always highly satisfied with their publications and thus offer the readers real added value.

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Website: https://katrin-heidelberger-autor.de/112-2/

The operators: Joel & Conny

We are both what are commonly referred to as "nature's children". You can see us walking barefoot outside, often find us in the mountains climbing and hiking when we are not just as happily serving our customers. We love and care for our own garden with great dedication. We cook ourselves and consciously, because healthy eating is very important in our everyday lives.

We are people who have consistently sold their car and strive for a very sustainable way of life. Our packages arrive via DHL GoGreen and mostly in reused boxes.

Our shop logo also expresses our solidarity and our respect for nature. With a leaf that has the words “life in balance” carries, our concern is represented vividly.

We took over the LR online shop some time ago in order to introduce you to the high-quality LR products and also a part of our philosophy of life.

We personally find the products from LR to be positive and enriching, especially in these times. For us, the following building blocks are the most important aspects for a life in balance:

  • Nutrition as an integral and contributory part of a healthy life.
  • Vitality, among other things as a companion to health and a positive attitude towards life.
  • Well-being in the wake of health and vitality.
  • Beauty as joy in one's own body and the environment.

We, too, are always working to keep the balance in our lives. This is not always easy in today's world with its many distractions, its hustle and bustle and its stress. Nevertheless, we are convinced that our age in particular offers great opportunities to realize one's own life in harmony with nature and our environment.

We are interested in what concerns our customers and therefore you in the areas of nutrition, health and lifestyle. We not only want to provide you with products, but also with knowledge and things worth knowing. We will constantly expand our offer and adapt it to your needs. We look forward to seeing you - in the online shop and in direct communication with us.

Your well-being and what we associate with a "life in balance" - a "life in balance" - are a matter of the heart for us. Here we would like to support you with our knowledge in the selection of convincing products. We don't remain abstract. We ourselves have been dealing with this important triangle of health, nutrition and well-being for a long time. We also do this very practically and in our everyday life. We would like to share our experiences with you.

We believe that buying supplements and health care online is a matter of trust. We therefore appreciate it very much if you place your trust in us. Our goal is not only to satisfy you, but to inspire you. Every day and again and again. Ideally, with our products and information, we make your life a little more vital, beautiful and easier every day.

Do you think that we have very high standards in this area?

We think so too. That's why we only sell the best products and are constantly increasing our selection.

Inspiring our customers requires personal conviction. This affects both the quality of the products and the design of our shop.

The products meet our own high standards of innovation, quality, sustainability, closeness to nature and effectiveness. In our LR online shop, we see the ideal opportunity to give you access to these products, which continue to enrich our own lives.

In addition, out of interest, personal experience and inclination, we have built up expertise on various topics such as nutrition, healthy living and well-being in recent years. We would like to pass on our knowledge and experience to you. Also because we have experienced ourselves how confusing, extremely theoretical and fragmentary the corresponding knowledge about nutrition, health and vitality is in general. It's not easy to keep up to date and updated here. After all, dealing with your life and your vitality should also be fun.

That's why we put together comprehensive background information about the products for you in our shop so that you can access them at any time. We want you to know exactly what products can do for you and what exactly you are buying from us in our online shop.

You can consider us your personal and passionately committed contacts on the topics of wellness, nutrition and a healthy, natural lifestyle. You can look forward to new exciting relevant blog posts in our Magazine.

Do you have any questions about our products? We are here for you. Would you like detailed personal advice on one or the other topic? Contact us. Are you looking forward to recommendations, suggestions and tips from us? You're welcome.

We are also interested in your honest feedback. You will always get an answer from us.