3 days juice cleanse: Our experience

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Detox, detoxification or even fasting are terms that are associated with a healthy and balanced diet appearing more and more frequently. The trend is clearly towards these habits.

Advertising and the Internet have recognized exactly this and use this fact for themselves. The more common of such promise are sprinkled, the more inclined we are to try new things.

But what is actually behind it and whether a 3-day juice cure, for example Frankjuice Juice Cures or other products is effective, we only find out afterwards. Here is the right one Education the basis of nutrition and health.

What are juice cleanses?

The Detoxify of the body or detoxing is very popular, especially in the first half of the year. Immediately after the extensive Christmas days and the lavish New Year's Eve celebrations, the well-known good resolutions are on the agenda for many.

You want to live a healthier, more balanced life. want more Sports drive and significantly improve his entire life. However, you don't need such a turn of the year if you really want to improve something.

The mistake most make is that they set their goals way too high or want far too many improvements. Failure is inevitable at this point. are better at this point small goals and change such as the 3-day juice cleanse.

But what is this cure all about and what should you pay attention to? At its core, the juice cleanse is about finding out about a certain period of time to feed exclusively on juice. Usually this is about three days.

Of course, it doesn't just have to be fruit juices. In the end everything that is liquid is allowed. So you can also Vegetables squeeze or take a broth. Tea and water must of course also be consumed in sufficient quantities.

However, all liquids that are not healthy for the body are taboo. fall under this Coffee and alcohol of any kind. It can also be useful if you do without cigarettes.

The juice cleanse is not primarily about that Decrease. Because this method is less suitable for a diet because the period is much too short. However, the juice cleanse should not be longer than 5 days last, because our body also needs other and solid food.

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Experiences of the 3-day juice cleanse

If you decide to detox in whatever form, then you need a certain stamina. We humans are Creatures of habit. If these habits are changed, then the body reacts accordingly.

It is important at this moment Objective not to lose sight of. Right now it is noticeable that it is easier when the goals are not so ambitious. At best, the end is within reach.

But how does one feel when one decides to go on the juice cleanse and what happens in the body? Of course, every person feels differently when they have theirs eating plan surrounded, but many are Sensations identical.

The first day of the juice cleanse

Right at the beginning of the cure, most people are still very euphoric. The first hunger is noticeable immediately after getting up and you have to eat yours now Habits . work

Because instead of reaching for bread or muesli, tea, juice and vegetable broth are now on the menu. With the juice cleanse you can either use pre-packaged products or you can use your own liquids put it together yourself for the next few days.

The juice is naturally less filling than solid food. On average, people grab a juice, broth, or even one every two hours Smoothie from vegetables. Anything liquid and healthy is allowed.

Small hunger attacks can be bridged very well in this way, especially on the first day. Of the Digestive tract also gets something to do with the juice cleanse and the feeling of hunger is not yet so pronounced.

The second day of the juice cleanse

At this point, the differences between users are very pronounced. Some report that hunger was particularly pronounced on the second day, with others it has almost disappeared.

Many feel euphoric. You will feel fitter and energetic and are happy to have already done half of the juice cleanse. Others do not notice any significant changes.

However, everyone finds it easier to get used to the two hours drinking rhythm to adjust. The constant checking of the clock to see when you can have your next drink is clearly decreasing.

The body has already adapted to the new habits. At this point, however, can multiply headache or digestive problems in the form of flatulence or diarrhea.

The third and final day of the juice cleanse

After three days, the scales can already be two or three kilos lighter. Through the juice cleanse, the body now goes to its Fat reserves and begins to make up for the calorie deficit. In addition, muscles are broken down because the necessary proteins are missing.

The Desire after solid food increases in most users. On the last day in particular, thoughts often revolve around food such as pizza, hamburgers or pasta or your favorite dish.

Who still feels fit up to this point and no negative ones Side effects has, will easily master the last day. For some it will be the last struggle before reaching the goal.

Now on the finish line you need all of your gear again Perseverance. In just a few hours you have successfully left the 3-day juice cleanse behind you and then feel a feeling of happiness when you have reached your goal.

Eating after the 3-day juice cleanse

You should be right on day four langsam start solid food. The body now cannot tolerate greasy or difficult-to-digest foods. It is best to choose high-fiber foods.

Solid fruits and vegetables, some potatoes and gravy, for example, would be one way to return to a healthy and balanced diet. That Feeling of satiety also occurs much faster.

Now you should use the chance and its entire eating plan rethink and reconsider. The 3-Day Juice Cleanse is the perfect stepping stone to better health and eating balance.

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