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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

What helps against impure skin?

Pimples, blackheads or redness, anyone who regularly suffers from impure skin is restricted in their quality of life. You feel uncomfortable and therefore approach people with less confidence. Impure skin is not a question of age.


Use of colostrum - an overview

LR Colostrum is the only colostrum on the market certified with the Fresenius seal. Read more about the areas of application, intake and special quality features of LR Colostrum »

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Metabolic cure: How to lose 12 kilos in 21 days

You've had enough! You've struggled through hundreds of diets, you've racked up hundreds of hours in the gym - but nothing: the bacon rolls won't go away. How do you get rid of them? With the metabolism cure: This proven diet will make you 21 kilos lighter in 12 days.


Experiences with Jasper Caven's Metabolism Formula

The internet makes things a lot easier these days. Each of us has access to an incredible amount of information and can access it as often as we like. But that is sometimes the problem. Especially when it comes to nutrition, training and a healthy lifestyle, the amount of information available often causes confusion. The newcomer is taught too much content at once, he is confused and frustrated.


Metabolic acceleration through Jasper Caven's metabolic formula

If you no longer like your own reflection in the mirror, you want to find solutions as quickly as possible so that you look better again. In such cases, random diets are started. The problem with this is that many diets shut down the body's metabolism so much that the "yo-yo effect" is almost inevitable.

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For a good night's sleep

Sleep well with these tips

Along with a balanced diet and exercise, restful sleep is one of the three most important pillars of health. But that's easier said than done for over 30 percent of the population: almost every third German citizen suffers from sleep disorders. However, there is good news for

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3 days juice cleanse: Our experience

Detox, detoxification or fasting are terms that are appearing more and more frequently in connection with a healthy and balanced diet. The trend is clearly towards these habits. Advertising and the Internet have recognized exactly this and use this fact for themselves. The more often

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Skin, hair, teeth - the first impression

What helps with hair loss and how can it be prevented?

Hair loss (alopecia) is a widespread "widespread disease" - this is usually very stressful for those affected. But how can you tell that it is actually worrying hair loss? What are the possible causes and how can you identify them early on to counteract or even prevent hair loss? We will enlighten you with the following article.

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For a good night's sleep

Sleep better with natural materials

Insomnia, inner restlessness and frequent awakenings at night are known to many people. Peaceful and, above all, adequate sleep is the basis for good health.


Food trucks - junk food or the healthy alternative?

For a few years now, the term food truck has come up again and again. The trend around these interesting cars is growing. Vehicles can be found more and more frequently in a wide variety of locations. What was then still the bratwurst stand in front of the hardware store is now a food truck that clearly stands out.

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From everyday life

Why order increases our well-being

That feeling of looking around your apartment, your house and everything is where it belongs. The floor is lint-free, nothing is scattered, the sun shines through the window - everything looks untouched and pure. Suddenly our heart is filled with happiness. But what is it that makes order to us?

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Healthy Movement

Happy feet – with the right shoes

Our feet are a real marvel of nature. They carry us through life every day – but they are rarely treated well enough. Without us really noticing, we're asking you far too much. A study by the German Shoe Institute came